F1 2016 has been announced, will be shown off at E3

In case you were doubting that a new Formula 1 game would be coming this year you can let those doubts wash away as Codemaster and Deep Silver have announced the next game in the series F1 2016. The better news for those wanting to see the game in action the studio’s have revealed that the game will be shown off at E3, this is where we will see our first look at the game.

Besides this Codemasters has announced that the game will be seeing many refinements with this years entry, this includes changes to the long-running career mode which will be revamped and will allow you to create an avatar and join any F1 team you want to earn new contracts. Each team will have different expectations, so players will probably want to tailor their play style to meet a certain team’s goals.

There will also be a hub area where you will be able to work with R&D teams to get better and add another layer of immersion to the experience. F1 2016 will also feature the debuting Azerbaijin course, and an all-new time of day editor to customize the racing experience to your liking. F1 2016 will be headed to the Playstation 4, Xbox One, and PC this Summer so be ready for your racing simulator fix.

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