Dragon Quest VIII: Journey Of The Cursed King Arrives January 20th

Nintendo has revealed that Square Enix’s Dragon Quest VIII: Journey of the Cursed King will be arriving on the 3DS on January 20th, this release date stands for both North America and Europe.

Much like the recently released Dragon Quest VII: Fragments of the Forgotten Past, this 3DS remaster features improved visuals and various enhancements that optimize it for portable play. Among these some new features have also been added to improve the experience and make this entry the definitive version, Dragon Quest VIII for the 3DS will include two new playable characters, additional side quests and dungeons, full voice acting in “plot important cutscenes”, a new alternate ending, and there will even be new story content which helps to highlight some more of the backstory about The Hero and the villainous Dhoulmagus.

As for the story here is a quick rundown:

The story begins when a jester, Dhoulmagus, comes to Castle Trodain and steals the King’s sceptre. He then uses its power to turn his majesty into a troll, the Princess into a horse and the castle inhabitants into plants. The only one left unscathed from this attack is a castle guard who escaped the curse and must now step up to save the kingdom he’s sworn to protect. Only by traveling the lands, recruiting allies and following the trail of destruction that Dhoulmagus leaves in his wake will The Hero be able to retrieve the sceptre in order to restore Trodain back to its former glory.

Dragon Quest VIII arrives on November 20th and should offer fans of the franchise many hours of story driven gameplay.


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