Dragon Quest X is coming to the 3DS in Japan

I have one thing to say to start this bit of news, Dragon Quest X, no I am not referring to the game finally being localised around the world but I think there might still be hope for that, no instead I come to tell you that Dragon Quest X is on its way to the 3DS. Dragon Quest X has been available on the Wii, Wii U and PC for quite some time but Square Enix has announced today that the game is on its way to the 3DS this September.

The game is  from the look of things is set to be the same fully fleshed out adventure that we have seen on other platforms. You will also be able to play this version with players of the other releases.

Dragon Quest X for 3DS makes use of streaming technology. 3D will not be supported.

I am hoping that this could now be a step forward to the game coming to the rest of the world, I actually feel that if they made Dragon Quest X go across the world they could top off on the popularity of the franchise and Square Enix can test the waters of the franchise on the Wii U for future reference.

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