Dros: All Achievements Guide

Dros is an action-filled puzzle adventure game that spans several levels. There are several achievements to collect, but some aren’t easy to obtain. Some of these achievements aren’t easily found in a single playthrough, and may require intense platforming to fulfill. Fortunately, knowing the requirements can help you achieve them quickly.

There are two types of achievements: story and gameplay. Story achievements are typically easy to get, while gameplay achievements require more exploration. Dros is full of secrets, and it’s easy to miss achievements the first time through. This guide covers the full list of achievements in Dros and everything you must do to unlock each one.

Story Achievements Guide

Dros Revolutions 1

There are several areas you explore as you climb Dros’ central tower. This section will be organized by the areas you progress through as you climb the tower.



Got Captain’s Arm Back!

Shortly after your first hopeless fight against the Dros, you regain your arm during the Quid Pro Quo chapter. Once this happens, you automatically get this achievement.


Drank a can of Prima Gaze

Prima drinks give you new abilities that help you traverse the tower. You will get access to the Gaze drink shortly after meeting Enki in the Enki’s Errand level. Prima Gaze lets you view the map from afar, letting you know what’s ahead.


Drank a can of Prima Rush

You get this achievement in the Clogged Pipes level. Prima RUSH speeds up your movement – without it, you won’t be able to outrun the metal balls.

Fair Trade

Exchanged a designer shell for Marvin’s ticket

When you arrive at Dros Town, Marvin demands a new shell to let you take his place in the queue. Getting the new shell is part of the game’s main story, and you get this achievement once you’ve made the exchange.


Released the prisoners from the Oubliette

This achievement is acquired naturally as you progress through The Oubliette level. It can’t be missed!

Earth Seal

Broke the seal of earth!

You break this seal when you move to the next area of the tower. Like several above, this achievement can’t be missed!



New Flesh

Defeated Cronenberg’s army in Rejects

During the Rejects level, you will find Cronenberg’s army. They will try to stop you from completing the level. Defeat them to get this achievement.

Resistance Fighter

Became an honorary Dros League of Resistance member

This achievement is part of The Hideout level and can’t be missed.


Drank a can of Prima Jolt

This is part of the Spinning Conveyers level, as you can’t get past without the Jolt drink. Prima Jolt enhances your block ability.


Drank a can of Prima Blitz

This is party of the Factory level, as you need to obtain the new Blitz ability – a spinning attack – to succeed.

Fire Seal

Broke the seal of fire!

After defeating the Furnace Drognaught, you will break the seal to proceed to the next area. You will automatically receive this achievement.



Drank a can of Prima Blue

You get this during the Waterworks level and can’t complete the level without it. Prima Blue allows the Captain to breathe underwater.

Water Seal

Broke the seal of water!

After defeating the Filtration Drognaught, you get this achievement when progressing to the next area.



Air Seal

Broke the seal of Air!

After defeating the final Drognaught, you will break the seal to go on to the last level. You’ll get this achievement at the same time.

Bounty: Collected

Collected the Flute

You will get this during the final confrontation. This is another achievement that can’t be missed!

The Great Work

Beat the game

You get this achievement after watching the final scene of the game.

Gameplay Achievements Guide

Dros Gimbal 1

While some gameplay achievements can be done at any time, others are specific to certain areas of the tower.


Hidden Refuge

Found the hidden Dros refuge

In the Cesspool level, there’s a Dros Port that lets you move the pipes towards the end of the level. After turning the pipes in any direction once, it will lead you to a path with some Dros, giving you this achievement.

A Spirited Voice

Sang the Splitting of the Spirit with Chester in Pipes

While you are in the Cesspool level, find the hidden Dros refuge (described above). There will be another path nearby that leads to Chester. Speaking to Chester will let you break into song, getting you the achievement.

Tower of Love

Posed for Madam Bouvine

When you arrive in the Dros Town level and meet Marvin, head to the right and look for the second door. (It’s located to the east of the Monk.) Go inside and speak to the large Dros at the desk. This is Madam Bouvine, who wants you to take a photo. Speak to her after using the nearby photo booth for this achievement.

Dros Town Speedy Clam

Caught the clam in under 1 minute

Some levels have a Speedy Clam, which requires completing a level quickly before it disappears. After you take Marvin’s place in line, head north of the giant fan to find the first Clam. You must complete the level in under a minute or the clam disappears.

Padded Hut

Chatted to Jed in his padded hut

When you start the next level and head forward, you will see a large pink tube for launching Dros. Head to the right of the tube and follow the path downwards. There’s a vending machine down there; head left to find a small Dros named Jed. Talk to Jed to get this achievement.

Engineer Zloff

Spoke to Zloff about the Drognaughts

During the Catchment Drognaught level, after fighting off the Dros at the top, press the red button on your right. Go through the door that opens and then inspect a red sphere. Inside is Zloff, and you get this achievement after speaking to them.

Moderat Earth

Heard the wisdom of the Earth Moderat

Find the Moderat parts in every level of the Catchment. After finding them and completing the Catchment Drognaught, you can speak to the fully assembled Moderat for this achievement.



Rejects Speedy Clam

Caught the clam in under 1 minute

This Speedy Clam will be behind the elevator leading to the next level.

Pirate Flag Barter

Exchanged the fearsome Pirate Flag for plunder

During the Magma Falls level, after you drop down and activate the checkpoint, you will find a Captain Dros who wants a pirate flag. They are northeast of the vending machine. Keep going through the level until you raise yourself up using metal stacks. When Captain reaches the top level, there is a door nearby leading to a pirate flag. Return to the Captain Dros with the flag for this achievement.

Magma Falls Speedy Clam

Caught the clam in under 1 minute

This clam is found just before the large crate blocking the flow of lava. Reach that area under a minute to obtain this achievement.

Moderat Fire

Heard the wisdom of the Fire Moderat

After clearing the Furnace Drognaught and finding all the Moderat pieces, you can speak to the Moderat before transitioning to the next area.


Snapjaw Grotto Speedy Clam

Caught the clam in under 1 minute

After passing the water puzzle in Snapjaw Grotto, jump down and activate the elevator. Upon reaching the top, rush to the right to find the Clam.

Abandoned Hunter

Stumbled across abandoned Bounty Hunter Armour

During the Revolutions level, complete the third water puzzle. Check behind some crates at the top to find a secret path leading to the armor.

Revolutions Speedy Clam

Caught the clam in under 1 minute

During the Revolutions level, turn the tower to access the ground area that is filled with junk. There’s a large crate blocking an invisible path. Destroy the crate and hug the wall until you see a wooden path leading to a house. Inside the house is the Clam.

Fishy Business

Helped fisherman catch 4-eyed cod

During the Watervators level, there is a Fisherman Dros who needs a Spear. Find the Spear within the level and bring it to the Fisherman. You will then move to an area where the cod can be caught, getting you this achievement.

Moderat Water

Heard the wisdom of the Water Moderat

Find all the Moderat pieces in the Filtration area. You can speak to the Moderat when transitioning to the next area.



Workshop Speedy Clam

Caught the clam in under 1 minute

After getting past the second gate in the Workshop level, make your way towards a large rotating gear northeast of the gate. This will bring you up to the next level, where you can find the Clam by going straight.

Gimbal Speedy Clam

Caught the clam in under 1 minute

During the Gimbal level, get to the top floor as fast as you can. Rotate the tower until you see the Clam on one level, then grab it as quickly as possible.

Big Wins

Send the Monk broke in Pochinko Parlour

In the Alleyway during the Misfits level, you must clear two challenges to proceed. There’s a Monk nearby who has been betting at the Parlor. After clearing the two challenges, speak to the Monk to get this achievement.

Soggy Bottom Blop

Drank a Soggy Bottom Blop

At the start of the Nethertown level, there’s a house containing an odd room that lets you drink strange beverages. Drink all of them until you get this achievement.

Moderat Air

Heard the wisdom of the Air Moderat

Collect all the Moderat pieces in the Distillery and listen to the Moderat just before the final level.


Patience is a virtue…

After being captured in the final area, look for a pipe you can go through. Follow it to the end to get this achievement.

Turned To Gold


You must complete every level objective. This means:

  • Finding the Moderat piece
  • Getting enough Prima and Crystals
  • Completing the level within the indicated time limit

Do this for every level to get this achievement.

What strategies do you have for getting these achievements? Leave a comment below to share your knowledge about Dros’ achievements!

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