Disney Dreamlight Valley: How To Complete “Matchmaking Madness” Quest

The latest quest in Disney Dreamlight Valley’s “Dapper WALL-E Dream Bundle” sees the shy robot wanting to pay tribute to his love of classic musicals, particularly Hello, Dolly! Like the indomitable Dolly Gallagher Levi herself, WALL-E decides that he will match up the residents of the Valley…and he wants you to help him play Cupid! This guide will take you through every step of the romantic hijinks occurring throughout Dreamlight Valley as you say “Hello, WALL-E” to this hilarious quest!

Make Invitations For A…”Magical” Pair


After completing the previous quest in the chain, “Your Sunday Best,” talk to WALL-E to find him waxing nostalgic about old musicals. When he asks for advice regarding how to celebrate old musicals in the Valley, select “make magical moments for the villagers.” WALL-E will then look for a properly romantic location for such a “magical moment,” and you will be required to follow along.

  • First, follow him to the Glade of Trust. Sadly, WALL-E decides that this isn’t romantic enough.
  • Next, follow him to the Forest of Valor. Nope, not romantic enough here, either!
  • Finally, follow him to Dazzle Beach. Yes! This spot is absolutely perfect.

The couple WALL-E chooses to hook up are none other than Merlin and Mother Gothel. Yes, it’s an odd choice…but, unfortunately, the robot will not be swayed. First, he asks you to craft some romantic Invitations to give to them. You will need the following ingredients:


  • 8 Softwood, found on the ground in the Plaza, Peaceful Meadow, Forest of Valor, and Glade of Trust biomes
  • 6 Purple Marsh Milkweed, picked in the Glade of Trust
  • 2 Empty Vials, either made by crafting 30 Sand into 6 Glass or purchased at Kristoff’s Stall (Sand can be found by Digging or breaking blue rocks on Dazzle Beach)

Turn the Softwood into Paper, the flowers and vials into Ink Vials, and the crafted ingredients into two Romantic Invitations. Bring one Invitation each to Merlin and Mother Gothel. Both are suspicious, but agree to meet their “secret admirer.”


Wait until Sunset (6PM) to watch the date. (If it is 6PM or later and the date does not start, you may have to restart your game.) Follow Merlin and Mother Gothel to Dazzle Beach and observe their disastrous Date from afar. Talk to Merlin, Mother Gothel, and WALL-E to learn that this pair did not exactly feel a love connection…oh well, on to the next couple!

Give Minnie And Mickey A Romantic Moment


Talk to WALL-E and suggest that he switches his focus to Minnie and Mickey, rather than trying to create a new romantic couple. Talk to Mickey and he will suggest a romantic meal on the Beach for himself and his sweetheart.

First, you will be asked to craft four High Beach Torches. Although there are four different colored High Beam Torches available for crafting, you do NOT need to make one of each color! You can double up or even make all four the same color depending on the types of Gems you have available to create colored light.

The ingredients for the four High Beach Torches are as follows:


  • 20 Softwood, found on the ground in the Plaza, Peaceful Meadow, Forest of Valor, and Glade of Trust biomes
  • 20 Fiber, made from 4 Seaweed (fished in open water in any biome) or purchased at Kristoff’s Stall
  • 12 Sand, found by digging or breaking blue rocks on Dazzle Beach
  • Four of any of the following gems:
    • Topaz – mined from rock spots in the Plaza
    • Peridot – mined from rock spots in the Peaceful Meadow or Dazzle Beach
    • Aquamarine – mined from rock spots in Dazzle Beach or the Forest of Valor
    • Ruby – mined from rock spots in the Vitalys Mines

Talk to WALL-E and he will give you the Boot Bouquet furniture item. Set up any Table, any two Chairs, the four High Beach Torches, and the Boot Bouquet on Dazzle Beach. (If you do not have a table or chairs, you can order them from Scrooge’s Store.) Once you have completed your setup, take a picture using your Royal Camera. The Boot Bouquet MUST be in the picture, or it will not be counted!


Next, you need to make a meal for Minnie and Mickey to enjoy. This meal must consist of any Appetizer, any Entree, and a 4-star Dessert or higher. Examples of simple Appetizers include Crackers (1 Wheat), Cheese Plate (1 Cheese), and Coffee (1 Coffee Bean.) Simple Entrees include Baked Fish (any Fish) or Fish Sandwich (1 Fish and 1 Wheat.) There are several 4-star Desserts you can choose from, but an easy-to-make one is Chocolate Chip Cookies (1 Wheat, 1 Sugar, 1 Butter, and 1 Cacao Bean.)

Finally, conclude the Quest by giving the picture and meals to Minnie Mouse. You do NOT have to observe the date this time, as Minnie will simply tell you that it went well and was perfectly romantic. Dolly Levi would be proud!

Return to WALL-E to officially complete the “Matchmaking Madness” quest. As a reward, WALL-E will give you the recipe for the Boot Bouquet – you can now make your own from Fabric, Fiber, and flowers at any time! You will also be able to start the final “Dapper WALL-E” quest, “Strut Your Stuff,” and you can check out a guide covering how to complete it right here on GameLuster!

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