Dying Light: The Following downloadable content and season pass price has been increased

Dying Light upcoming expansion The Following is set to be quite big but little did we know how big, developer Techland has confirmed that the scale of the project has increased and with it has come an increase in price.

Dying Light: The Following is nearing the final stages of development. The main quests, sidequests, skills, and driving challenges have all been fully implemented, with the game now moving into the polishing period. The scale of the Downloadable Content has grown tremendously to where Techland believes it could be its own standalone game, which is why Techland is moving forward with the price hike.

The base downloadable content has gone up from $14.99 to $19.99, whereas the season pass has increased from $19.99 to $29.99. So fans who are looking forward to the content can be prepared Techland thought it was best to announce the price raise early. They even made a point in making sure interested parties do go and organize a season pass before December 8th in order to save $10 on the new price. If you don’t organize a season pass before the date you will be forced to pay the new price so I would personally recommend you go get it now instead of later.

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