E3 2014 My Top 10 Games

E3 2014 has concluded and may I say I loved it. It was an amazing E3 full of new game announcment plus more gameplay.

We saw so many games throughout all 4 conferences but I have picked my top 10 favourite games shown off this year, some were already announced while some where just announced.

Number 10: 

Untitled Criterion Games Project
As soon as I saw the start of the trailer and it said Criterion Games i thought of Need for Speed but then I saw a helicopter, a jet-ski, a quad-bike, a boat, a wingsuit, an off road bugy, and a parachute and much more I thought now this is a game im going to play… and i sure am


Number 9: 

The Division 

This was announced last year and as soon as I saw it i wanted more, and now i have more and I love it. I love this trailer like most ubisoft games ubisoft can make awesome trailers. This sells the game so well and then them explaining everything after it was the tip of the iceberg. I really have nothing to say just watch it for yourself


Number 8:

Dead Island 2

This trailer shows off the funny side of Dead Island, it is completely different from the first Dead Island trailer how that was sad and moody but this lightens the mood with a halarious and awesome trailer plus Troy Baker is in it! Now im not sure if the game will be good, but the trailer makes me want to play it!


Number 7:

The Order 1886

When I saw the Order at E3 last year I had no idea what it is about, and after seeing the game again this year i can tell you… I still have no idea. I mean are those things werewolves or zomibes? or both!?


Number 6:

Far Cry 4

When Far Cry 4 was announced I was skeptical thinking it will be a clone of Far Cry 3 and I still king of think that but this trailer brings light on that, I saw this trailer and oh my the game looks georugeous and I hope that the game is different and this trailer really makes it seem like it will be.


Number 5:

Batman: Arkham Knight

Arkham is one of my favourite series and finally seeing gameplay brings light to the series after the first game. We finally see the batmobile in action and man is it pretty. and dangerous


Number 4:

Rainbow Six: Siege

It’s been 6 long years for a rainbow game and well patriots was cancelled and with good will. Because this game was born, we only saw multiplayer gameplay but thats all I need to see for it to sell me. THe whole tactical approach and make your own path is amazing.


Number 3:

Battlefield: Hardline

There was so much gameplay for this game, with so many trailers and live streams happening and I heard you say ‘I WANT TO PLAY!’ well you fucking can! the beta is out right now for this awesome game that plans to reinvent the battlefield series, I cannot wait to get my hand on this.


Number 2:

Assassin’s Creed: Unity

Assassin’s Creed is my second favourite franchise and man does this game look amazing to anti up the series! I said that ubisoft makes amazing trailers and that started with the Assassin’s Creed series and well this is one of the best trailer made it sets the tone for the game and gets me pumped out of my shoes, I NEED THIS GAME! Every time I watch the trailer it takes me back to the old memories of all the times i played AC and man this brings me home!


Honorable Mention:

Infamous: First Light

As soon as I clocked Infamous: Second Son I wanted more and I wanted the DLC and well, now I get that! I get to play as fucking fetch now, and man does it look great!


Number 1:

Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End

As soon as I saw Drake I screamed like a girl this is my favourite franchise and sfter seeing the trailer I have more questions then answers! Seriously does he die!? wtf? What happened? why is he on the ground knocked out? why has he been out of the game ARGHHHHHHHHHHHH I NEED IT RIGHT FUCKING NOW!!!

Well E3 this year was amzing with those being my top 10 favourite games from it this year, well I bet everyone has a different list, so list your top 10 down below!

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