Mii’s prepare to enter the battle and Super Smash Brothers release date for 3DS

Its time to get ready to brawl and battle it out, but we don’t need Pikachu, Sonic, Mario or even Link. It’s time for the rise of the Mii and it’s more specific set of powers, now you are probably asking how on earth would any of that work, would the Mii’s not be imbalanced due to lack of any notable powers well never fear as Sakurai has found a way to make the idea of Mii’s feel fair and balanced.

Introducing the Mii, they come in three forms and add a certain layer of personalization to the game. Mii’s come in the form of Blaster, Brawler or Swordsman and armed with a different design style and type, on top of this Mii fighters can also have several different abilities which go above and beyond the capabilities of the other fighters, it is about how you and I want to play and this actually makes Super Smash Brothers more appealing.

On another note a release date has also been announced for Super Smash Brothers for 3DS marking it for an October release while the Wii U version still remains unconfirmed on a release date apart form 2014.

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