It’s the end of an era, as FIFA 23 marks the final game developed by EA in the franchise. The EA series is going out with a bang, as FIFA 23 hit 10.3 million players in its opening weekend. That’s the biggest launch in the history of FIFA games, and a great way for EA to end their time with the iconic football games.

It’s only the beginning of the end though, as EA has more plans for FIFA 23 in the form of post-launch content. Updates will be coming to the women’s football content in the game with a future free update, as well as routine gameplay patches.

FIFA 23 footballer kicking a ball
EA scored their biggest ever opening in the FIFA franchise with FIFA 23.

FIFA and EA Sports were unable to agree on the licensing of the FIFA brand name, which resulted in their separation earlier this year. FIFA 23 will be the last EA Sports football game to use FIFA in its title and marketing. The two football gaming giants will branch off into different directions in future, with EA Sports developing their next football game under the title of EA Sports FC, and FIFA on the hunt for a developer to pay the fees and create FIFA 24.

The EA and FIFA partnership was a key part of sports gaming. Being together for 30 years, the series has sold over 325 million copies globally with billions of extra dollars made from the Ultimate Team microtransactions in modern FIFA entries.

Are you part of FIFA 23‘s historic 10.3 million player launch? Let us know in the comments below, and keep your eyes on GameLuster for more gaming news.

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