Farming runes can be a valuable tool in Elden Ring to help you do things such as level up your character and weapons, and buy some new items from merchants. A low-risk farming run can also be especially important when you have an uncomfortable number of runes on the line. After all, you don’t want to be only a few thousand off leveling up only to lose them all to an ambush, a super strong enemy, or thinking you can make that jump when you can’t! The easiest way to farm is by taking out enemies to collect those all-important runes. But where are the best farming spots when you are later in your Elden Ring playthrough? At this point, you need more runes to level up and as we know, there is an abundance of enemies and bosses that will deliver a huge number of runes when defeated, but they can also completely annihilate you.

In this guide, we’ll talk through a safe farming location for mid/later game levels where you can easily pick up a few thousand runes in under a minute! You can also see our previous guide for a great mid-game farming spot!

Where to Go

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Wait, am I in Midsommar or Elden Ring?

This farming spot can be found in the north of Altus Plateau at the Dominula, Windmill Village. If you haven’t been here yet, you can encounter the Midsommar-esque village by heading east from the Road of Iniquity Site of Grace. If you hear laughing and see the titular windmills, you’re in the right place! However, if you’ve already been here the nearest Site of Grace is Windmill Village, but you can also complete this run by going down through the village from the Windmill Heights Site of Grace after beating Godskin Apostle.

This farming spot is best suited for at least level 75 players so that you can breeze through it without that much trouble, but you can tackle this at earlier levels too. However, level 100+ players will absolutely fly through this area so it’s great for an easy win.

What to Farm

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If you see windmills, you’re in the right place!

When you’re at Dominula, the enemies you’ll be farming are the Celebrants and Rotten Strays. What is so great (and horrible) about this area is that the majority of the Celebrants are dancing and passive until you attack them, making it great for easily getting in backstabs and making your way through the groups. There are a couple of Celebrants and of course, the Rotten Strays, who will attack you on sight and aggravate the others, but after you’ve done the run once, you’ll know where these are.

The Rotten Strays drop around 282 runes, with the chance of also dropping Thin Beast Bones and Beast Blood. The Celebrants drop 279 runes and also have the chance of dropping the Festive Hood, Festive Garb, Blue Festive Hood, Blue Festive Garb, Celebrant’s Sickle, Celebrant’s Cleaver, Celebrant’s Rib-Rake, Golden Rune [3], and a Human Bone Shard, depending on which type you kill.

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Crashing the party…

To complete this farming run, simply make your way up (or down, depending on which direction you’re coming from) the hill to find the Celebrants scattered around or in groups, but you can easily locate them thanks to their singing and laughing. From the Windmill Village direction, be aware of the second group of villagers as you head up the hill as this group is larger and they do swarm you, but at the higher levels especially, this shouldn’t give you much trouble. Taking out all the Celebrants and Rotten Strays yields approximately 8,000 runes, so it’s an easy win considering most of the Celebrants won’t attack until you strike first! You can even focus your efforts just on the key groups and this will still deliver around 3,000-4,000 runes in under a minute. Simply complete the run and respawn at the Site of Grace to continue farming.

Which farming locations are your favourites in Elden Ring? Let us know! And be sure to check out our next guide!

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