Farming can be a fantastic tool in Elden Ring and other FromSoftware titles to help you level up your character and weapons, and buy some new items. It can also be useful when you have an eye-watering number of runes on the line and you just want to hit the next level and relieve that stress! The easiest way to farm is by taking out enemies to collect those precious runes. But where are the best farming spots? There are plenty of enemies that yield huge numbers of runes, but as you probably know, these enemies tend to be stronger and higher risk! After all, you don’t want to spend all that time farming runes just to lose them to an unforgiving foe.

Thankfully in this guide, we’ll talk through an easy-to-access farming location with not-too-challenging enemies to get you your runes in no time!

Where to Go

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Head on over to Nokstella!

This farming spot is best suited to levels 50-70, but can also be an easy spot to get those last extra runes hassle-free for higher levels. First, head to the Nokstella, Eternal City Site of Grace, which you should have unlocked by this point in Elden Ring, especially if you’ve been following Ranni’s quest line.

All of the enemies you will be farming are found up the staircase immediately ahead of the site of grace – no long treks past brutal enemies for this run!

What to Farm

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Easy work.

The specific enemies you will be farming are the Night Maiden and the Electric and standard Silver Tears. The Night Maiden drops up to 635 runes and has the chance to drop Night Maiden and Nox armour pieces. The Silver Tears drop around 445 runes as well as have the chance to drop Silver Tear Husks. For an easy run, just take out these enemies and you can earn around 4,500 runes in 1 to 2 minutes. The Night Maiden shouldn’t pose too much of a challenge as you can easily block, parry and counter her, and the Electric Silver Tears are great to farm as their electric AOE attack can take out fellow Silver Tears. The Silver Tears are also slow-moving and their attacks are very easy to predict so you can quickly get out of the way of their spear and electric attacks.

Surrounding the area are two rooms to the right, both at the bottom and top of the staircase. Here, you can farm a little extra, but these enemies are slightly more challenging than the Night Maiden and Electric Silver Tears. At the bottom, you can find the Nox Swordstress who has a long-range attack with her whip which can deal large amounts of damage, but if you stick close to her you can take her out and acquire around the same number of runes as the Night Maiden. However, for a safer farming run, I’d say just avoid her.

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The Night Maiden may drop some cool loot.

At the top of the staircase, you will find Shielded Silver Tears, who are just like the standard Silver Tears but as the name suggests, they have shields. This means you need to get to their undefended sides to attack, but as they are a group, this isn’t always easy as you run the risk of being attacked and cornered by others. The Shielded Silver Tears drop around the same number of runes as the electric ones, so like with the Nox Swordstress, it’s generally not worth the hassle and is easier to rest at the Site of Grace and repeat the base run again. You can also find another group of Silver Tears and Electric Silver Tears if you continue beyond the staircase, along the platform, across the bridge, and up the next staircase where the Silver Sphere has come from, where you can farm around 14,000 runes! This can be useful if you are prepared to have a slightly longer run and trust yourself to slip past that pesky Silver Sphere.

This location in Nokstella is great if you’re looking for runes but don’t want to run the risk of permanently losing them against a tough enemy. Following this easy run puts you against enemies who shouldn’t give you much trouble at all, whilst delivering a decent number of runes.

Which farming locations are your favourites in Elden Ring? Let us know! And keep an eye out for our next guide!

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3 months ago

Im level 110 now but when i was lvl 66 farming spot was in the grand cloister right after lake of rot. Theres 11 enemies and an ulcerated tree spirit. I just killed the 11 over and over again each 1 gives you a little over 1700 runes and i am doing sorcerer build. Using great glintstone shard would take me 4 hits. So in 20 mins i was getting around 120k in runes takes 2 to 3 mins to clear out all 11.

Last edited 3 months ago by Tim