Elderly Couple Seek ‘Games Tutor’ To Play The Last Of Us 2

An elderly couple has reached out on Craigslist for a personal tutor to teach them how to play The Last Of Us Part II. Gene Park, a news reporter with The Washington Post, shared a screenshot of the couple’s Craigslist advertisement. The required candidate would be required to come to their home and teach them to play Naughty Dog’s sequel, a game they were “having trouble with.”

“Need a person that knows the games and how to work the controller.” the post reads. The couple would “need someone who is patient and can track without judging us, without getting frustrated or irritated for 2-3 hours.”

The tutor is further required to be fully vaccinated from COVID-19, with proof of vaccinations required. In response to the post, Shannon Woodward, best known for her motion-capture performance and voice for Dina in The Last Of Us Part II, replied that she would “literally do this”, while Woodward announced in an earlier post that she set to attempt “grounded permadeath for the first time”, one of the most challenging levels to beat on The Last Of Us Part II.

In a separate tweet shortly after, Woodward reached out to Gene to ask him how she would apply. It’s a touching story, and a testament to how impactful video games can be, regardless of age and skill, and when you consider the video game in question came out more than a year ago.

On the subject of The Last Of Us Part II, Naughty Dog today gave a long-awaited update on the sequel’s anticipated multiplayer mode, confirming little more than that they “were working on it”. The studio added that they’d “reveal more when it’s ready!”

Plus, today Naughty Dog released the first official photo of Joel and Ellie in the HBO adaptation of The Last Of Us.

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