Electronic Arts has announced new IP unravel

During EA’s E3 press conference today the company showed off a brand new IP that they have been playing with called Unravel.

From the look of things Unravel seems to be a very heartfelt and emotional journey and is a result to be more personal. The yarn in unravel represents love and your job is to reconnect the memories of a long lost family. No words will be spoken in Unravel, the game is told strictly through action with Yarny being what ties the family back together.

Yarny is a tiny character made from a single thread of yarn, as you continue on your way you will slowly unravel. Your job in the game is to use your unraveled thread to swing and move through environments inspired by Northern Scandinavia.

Unravel is a puzzle platformer that is true to its name in what the game does and is being developed by a team of fourteen people by the name of Coldwood. Unravel is an exploration game and is very physics based, the game sounds quite interesting and thought provoking and that is nice to see from EA, you can watch the reveal trailer below:

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