Sony shows off the first ever gameplay for The Last Guardian at E3

For their press conference Sony started out really strong showing a much sought after game The Last Guardian. After a long hiatus the game was finally back before our eyes and it looked as good as ever.

The gameplay shown off features a boy who is cel-shaded as opposed to the more realistically rendered environment. The game will feature a large amount of calling to the a beautiful, feathered beast. This creature resembles, as some may have seen before, a griffin mixed with a dog and a cat, it is huge and actually pretty adorable.

The boy can call the creature around and guide it, based on positioning and context, to go to difference parts of the level. Like previous games from the same team, such as Shadow of the Colossus, and Ico, the game is a mix of puzzle-solving and platforming. Oftentimes, solving a puzzle and making a jump are almost the same thing. The large creature who listens to the boy’s commands is also in many ways a platform, it moves organically and even its tail can be grabbed to get places. The major struggle with this game, like Ico before it, will be to get through this dangerous land together, large and small. It is truly great to finally see this game again.

You can watch the first ever gameplay for The Last Guardian below, and remember to get excited:


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