Enshrouded: How To Obtain The Carpenter’s Table Saw

All great works begin with a foundation, a framework. And even the framework requires the right means to shape it. This is the greatest work you will ever undertake, Flameborn. To bring an entire kingdom back from the grave is no small challenge.

It’s a big chunk of equipment Enshrouded’s Carpenter has asked for: a Table Saw. Sure, it’s useful. Sure, you can probably do a lot of important things with it. But actually getting it is going to be a lot of sweat. It will be an ordeal which will test your patience, but it’s worth it. Grab your gear and let’s get cracking!

Measure Twice: The Path To Thornhold

From the top of the Revelwood Spire, fly roughly southeast. Once you land, continue southeast until you hit Lush Pasture, a farm with a lot of Hazelnut bushes (good for warrior-types, as they buff your Strength stat by 3) and a lot of Spitting Flowers (less good for you). Clear out the flowers, check the ruins of the farmhouse for a silver chest, then continue southeast on the road till you hit a Cave Passage. There will likely be some Wild Boars in here, so be sure to kill them and grab the meat.

What I wouldn’t give for an industrial sized drum of Roundup.

On the other side of the passage, your destination lies roughly to the east: the village of Thornhold. It’s a village with a fairly established Scavenger presence (all at level 11), but also a number of loose resources and common and silver chests with loot for the taking. You’ll want Bandages and Health Potions, naturally, but try to use them sparingly.

The best course of action here is to basically clear out Thornhold. Why? Because the next quest marker is in the northeast corner of the village, and getting to it by looping your way around north is sometimes more of a chore than the fights would be. And let’s face it, you’re going to need the XP. Once you get past the guard tower at the northeast corner of Thornhold, a quest update appears and a new marker points you towards the north. Follow the road and get ready for another big fight.

Cut Once: Finding The Table Saw

The road leads, in a meandering fashion, towards Fawnsong Frontier, a large Scavenger base parked right in front of a ruined tower. The road leading to the base gives you two options for ingress. You can either keep going up the road and right into the base for a frontal assault. Or, you can use the Grappling Hook Pull point and climbing wall just a little to the right of it and sneak in the back. You’ll still have to fight (and mind the explosive barrels everywhere), but you’ll at least be able control the numbers better. The Scavengers here are all level 13, so expect a little more in the way of damage, both coming in and going out. Either way, you’ll want to make your way over to the east side of the base and keep heading up.

When you make your way around, you’ll see a stone bridge leading to the tower, more Scavengers, and a Scavenger Grizzled Matron boss blocking your path. Much like the Scavenger Matron from the Hill of Scavengers, she’s big and throws poison. Fortunately, there’s an archer platform with a Grappling Hook Pull point to put you up above the fray, though you’ll have to dispatch its current occupant to safely use it. Once you’ve cleared the area, you’ll see a cart near the end of the bridge with Circular Sawblades sitting there. Grab the sawblades, but don’t leave just yet.

“All it needs now is a sign saying ‘All hope abandon, ye who enter here.'”

There shouldn’t be any other Scavengers around at this point, but cross the bridge cautiously and head towards the tower. Make your way up to the top of the tower and you’ll find a gold chest waiting for you in the highest room. Descend the tower and you’ll find a path along the north edge overlooking a large Enshrouded area which will lead towards the west, where a silver chest is waiting in a niche in the cliffside. Now, you can fast travel back to your base.

Aftermath: Using The Table Saw

The Carpenter will thank you for recovering the blades and direct you to craft a Table Saw using Wood Logs and Nails. With this tool in place, you’ll be able to refine Wood Logs into Wood Planks. Wood Planks, along with Hardwood, are necessary to build various new decorations needed to raise your Comfort level, which in turn grants a longer Rested buff.

You’ll also be able to craft Medium Chests and Medium Magic Chests, expanding the capacity of your existing storage options and making your logistics a bit easier to manage. Additionally, if you find yourself wanting to build a new base and build up comparable amenities without relocating everything, you can go to Oswald Anders, The Blacksmith and potentially have him craft you some new Circular Sawblades. The catch is that it requires Iron Bars, which you don’t have access to just yet.

New Carpenter Recipes

  • Table Saw – 8 Wood Logs, 10 Nails, 1 Circular Sawblades

  • Medium Chest – 12 Wood Planks, 8 Nails, 2 Metal Sheets

  • Medium Magic Chest – 1 Medium Chest, 2 Shroud Cores, 2 Goo

New Blacksmith Recipes

  • Circular Sawblades – 2 Iron Bars, 6 Charcoal

Only one last tool request left. But if you thought getting the saw blades was a trek, this one’s going to be an odyssey. Fortunately, GameLuster’s Enshrouded guides are here to help you through each step of the journey!

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