Dead Island 2 Is Coming To Steam

Despite being April 1st, this isn’t a joke, as the developers behind Dead Island 2 have confirmed that the zombie survival title is finally making its way onto Steam later this month. That’s not all, it has also been confirmed that along with the base game, players will also have access to the game’s first major Story DLC, Haus.

April is definitely going to be an exciting month for fans of the Dead Island franchise. For those of you who have yet to play Dead Island or its sequel Dead Island 2, this first-person zombie survival is set on a scenic island hellhole as players need to fight through hordes of the undead with various makeshift weapons. With its unique setting and fun gameplay, Dead Island and Dead Island 2 has gained themselves a cult following who not only have a Steam release to look forward to but also the release of the game’s second story DLC, SoLA; which will be set in sunny Southern Los Angeles.

We got official confirmation on the Steam release thanks to a tweet posted on the official Dead Island Twitter account. The reason why there is so much hype surrounding the game’s Steam release is mainly because when Dead Island 2 first launched, it was initially an Epic Games Store exclusive. Sadly, many were hesitant to get Dead Island 2 because of this but hopefully with a Steam release coming on April 22, players will be able to experience the gore-filled beaches of Dread Island 2 and the zombies they can mow down.

As mentioned earlier, players will not only be able to get the base Dead Island 2 game but also its first story DLC, Haus, but that’s not all. Steam users will also be able to get access to the game’s Expansion Pass which comes with a small discount when getting both Haus and SoLA. Which means there’s plenty of gore, guns and content for players to look forward to!

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