Enshrouded: The Farmer and The Carpenter

Creatures of the Shroud, barbarians squatting in the ruins of the Realm, these are the obvious battles. But to truly rebuild, to remake the Realm anew, these are battles which require a different strategy.

The last two craftsman slots in your base need to be filled, and it’s going to be an adventure just trying to get to them. Ideally, you’ll want to be about level 9 or so before trying to liberate them from their respective Flame Chambers. As always, you’ll want to make sure you’ve got your Resting buff as high as possible before starting out. A full stack of Bandages, Health Potions, and probably at least a few Mana Potions will be helpful here. Let’s go bring your people home!

“Vault, nothing, this is a barn, corral, and grain silo all in one!”

The Farmer

To reach the vault, make your way to Ferndale, then head north. You’ll soon see the road leading up to the Vault. Once you go inside, you’ll see that this is going to be very tricky. A causeway spans over a field of lava, terminating in a double door with three lock indicators. You’ll need to find the switches.

Before doing that, you’ll notice there are spots jutting out into the lava where you can safely stand, and platforms that are present. Make your way down and around under the causeway. A platform is sticking out in the middle, right under the causeway. A hidden door opens up on a golden chest. Loot it and continue on. You’ll need to make your way up to the second floor, easy enough to do. You’ll find a Return Beacon there, an indicator of the severity of the challenge ahead of you. Past the Beacon, you’ll see an overlook with two Grappling Hook points in succession. You’ll need to swing from the first point to the second, and from there to the west side of the second floor. There, you’ll see a switch. Hit the switch and turn right, then go forward.

“If this is what they do to lock up a Farmer, I’d hate to think what they do to lock up the Farmer’s daughter.”

You’ll see a broken floor with lava at the end, along with a climbing wall to your right. Climb up, go through the broken wall to your left, and go around the north end of the building to a set of double doors on the east side of the building. Open the doors and you’ll see a stretch of spike traps. On the far side of those traps is a second switch. Hit that switch and the spikes stop. Go through the doorway to the west to come to a gallery overlooking the causeway. To the south is a set of double doors and a silver chest. Grab the goods, then make your way back to the climbing wall and climb down.

Looking north, you’ll see another climbing wall below you, to the left, and a platform with a Grappling Hook point almost immediately below you, along with a doorway. From the stairway you’re on, you can jump down to the platform with the grappling point, and from there double jump to the doorway. This will bring you into a corridor with a lot of lighting bolt traps firing away, and the third switch at the far end. Hit the switch and the bolts stop flying. Take a moment to move back between the first and second banks of lightning traps. You’ll find a hidden door concealing a silver chest inside. Loot it, head back to the last switch, and make your way back up to the Return Beacon before gliding down to the front door. Head over the causeway, and the doors to the Flameborn Chamber are open. Recover the Farmer.

“The things I do to get some fresh veggies…”

As you turn to leave, you’ll see there’s a staircase leading to your left. Go up and turn around. A Grappling Hook point is on the beam above you. Swing across and land on the gallery on the west side of the chamber. Go to the north end and you’ll find a hidden door to your left containing a silver chest. Fast travel back to your base, grab your Summoning Staff, and bring forth Emily Fray, The Farmer. She’ll prompt you to go check out the Ancient Spire in the Revelwood. As a Farmer, Emily doesn’t have a whole lot for you in terms of gear. What she does have, though, is the means to grow plants which you will need for other things.

For example, Balthazar the Alchemist can make Health Potions with Red Mushrooms and Purple Berries. By having a steady supply of these plants without having to forage, you’re in better shape, both to keep you fed and to use for potion making. All you need to do is make the Farm Soil and the Seedbeds needed to grow them. Once any seedling plants are produced, you can put them in a quick slot, then plant them in the ground outside.  When they’re ready to harvest, the action button will give you that option (instead of the “Repot” option, which just pulls it up to be replanted).  Additionally, she has an item which will help with Stamina regeneration—Popcorn. But you won’t be able to make it yet, owing to a lack of proper equipment. Don’t worry, you’ll get around to it.

Farmer Recipes

  • Farm Soil (x10) – 7 Dirt, 3 Bonemeal
  • Seedbed – 10 Wood Logs, 2 Metal Scraps, 10 Farm Soil
“Yeah. This is gonna suck.”

The Carpenter

The final Flameborn artisan lies near the Low Meadows Ancient Spire, close to the ruins of Morwenna. Along the with usual preparations of Bandages and Health Potions, be sure to bring along a Pickaxe. It will be important later. Make sure you’ve taken a Shroud Survival Flask, then make your way down from the Low Meadows Spire by following the road. You’ll find a fork in the road, one path leading to Morwenna, the other to the Ancient Vault. When you reach the outer region of the Spire, you’ll find a Return Beacon. There are some Shroud mutants waiting up ahead, two of them archers. Clear them out, loot the common chest in the tower where the second archer is sniping from, then advance to the east. You’ll go up a set of stairs into the Vault proper.

This Vault is massive, probably the biggest one out of the five. And it’s absolutely Enshrouded, every single inch of it. The first chamber has a number of Shroud bugs crawling around, along with their nests. You can smash them with a Mace or Pickaxe, or if you have some Explosive Powder Bombs, that will seal them off. Pick off the bugs as much as possible with ranged weapons, cut down the rest with a fast melee weapon like a sword or hatchet, then make your way through the chamber. Ensure every hive or enemy doorway is smashed shut, then continue east up a ramp into the second chamber.

“I see a balrog, and I’ll just learn how to make a mortise-and-tenon joint myself.”

The second chamber contains a couple of Shroud Wizards, flying versions of Shroud mutants who fire slow-tracking magic missiles at you. Because they fly, they’re very hard to hit with melee weapons, so wands or bows will be your best bet here. Dispatch them, then go up the ramp at the far end into the next chamber. You’ll notice, off to your left, there’s a broken wooden walkway leading to a wall of dirt or stone. Use your Pickaxe to burrow through into a small chamber with a silver chest, then go the opposite way. You’ll see an exploding Shroud Bloom blocking the tunnel you need to advance through. Hit it with a wand shot or arrow, wait for the spores to clear out, then proceed.

The next chamber you’ll see has a climbing wall at the far end. Climb up and you’re at an upper level which appears to be a dead end. A brazier will automatically light when you get close enough. The wall next to the brazier is a mixture of Rubble, Mycelium, Dirt, and Stone. Use your Pickaxe to once again burrow through and break into the Flame Chamber. There’s a Shroud Wizard guarding the room, so dispatch him, then head over to claim the Carpenter. A door at the far end of the chamber will open as you approach it, leading to an upper level overlooking the first chamber. Glide down and make your way out of the Vault, go past the Renew Beacon until you’re fully out of the Enshrouded area, then fast travel back home. Once there, bring out your Summoning Staff one last time, and summon Cade Hawthorn, the Carpenter.

“What’d this guy do to deserve getting buried so deep? High crimes against IKEA?”


Cade is basically a dwarf. He’ll have a number of conversation topics available, all of them leading to minor quests for new loot and lore. Much like the Farmer, Cade doesn’t have any new gear items for you. However, he does unlock new options for base building, the means to provide new comfort items, and better quality doors and furniture.  Your other artisans are also going to get chatty as well once Cade is installed. They, too, will have some side quests for you which will lead to additional crafting options, though a good chunk of them are going to be taking you to the Revelwood up north and east of the Farmer’s Vault. You’ll want to get up to level 13 at least before tackling most of these quests. But for now, you’ve got all the Flameborn artisans, you can destroy or store the Summoning Staff, and your logistics are now nicely improved. The real work of reclaiming Embervale begins now!

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