Palworld: How To Get Relaxaurus

Relaxaurus is a Dragon and Water-type Pal found in the open world of Palworld. While the creature, when captured, drops some considerable items that make the game experience more manageable, it also acts as a worthy companion for helping out in the various activities, mainly related to transporting and watering. However, catching the Pal is more challenging than it seems due to its aggressive nature and fighting ability.

So, to help you out, here’s a handy guide discussing where to find Relaxaurus and how to capture it in Palworld. If you are eager to gather more information on this, keep reading until the end.

How To Get Relaxaurus In Palworld

Relaxaurus Map

You will find Relaxaurus wandering around in the Sealed Realm of The Thunder Dragon region, as this is the only place where it spawns in good numbers. That aside, these Pals mostly spawn during the daytime, which makes it easier to spot them in large, open areas. While there is no exact pinpoint location of the Relaxaurus, you can find them frequently in -224, -502 coordinates.

Now, before you capture it, you must be battle-ready, as the innocent-looking Pal is not very friendly to anyone coming in its way. Here, in the area, the Pal appears from level 10-20, making it a worthy opponent for a good fighting session. You can bring some leveled-up Pals as your team that can withstand the ferocious enemygrass-type and ice-type Pals are the best options here.


During the fight, you will come to the point where it will be time for you to capture the enemy Pal and add it to your Paldeck collection. However, Basic Pal spheres might not help you in this case. Instead, you should bring Mega Spheres or Giga Spheresto increase your chances of capturing Relaxaurus in one go. Once captured, it drops some valuable items, including High Quality Pal Oil, Ruby, and more.

So, that’s all you need to know about how to get Relaxaurus in Palworld. If you find this guide helpful, share it with your friends. Also, let us know in the comments if you need any specific guide regarding this game. And make sure to stay tuned to GameLuster for more upcoming Palworld guides!

Palworld is currently available on Xbox and PC platforms.

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