Everspace 2: All Devices And What They Do

We understand games want to make up their own unique names and terms for things to fit their world and stand out, but Everspace 2 calling a major mechanic “devices” is almost cruel. How is anyone supposed to know what that is at a glance? Thankfully, the idea is simple; they’re your abilities.

Devices work on a cooldown timer and come in two different types: offense and defense. Your ship and weapons are always going to be the biggest factor in how far you get, but powerful devices can put you over the edge. This guide will list all devices available in Everspace 2 and what functions they possess.

All Devices And What They Do In Everspace 2

Everspace 2 devices

Devices can either be Warfare Devices or Support Devices. Unfortunately, there are no prizes for guessing that Warfare Devices are offensive and Support are defensive, but we will at least tell you what they all do.

Warfare Devices

Annihilator Virus: Infects the target with a virus that spreads to nearby targets every 1.4 seconds. Can affect up to a maximum of 6 targets. After 8.0s, all affected ships suffer 121 Kinetic damage [at Hero Level 1]  77 Energy damage [at Hero Level 1] damage. Damage may increase at higher levels.

Corrosion Injector: Afflicts the target with corrosion, dealing 15 Kinetic shield-piercing damage per second for 7.0 seconds [at Hero Level 1]. Damage may increase at higher levels

EMP Generator: Creates an electromagnetic pulse in a 500m radius around the ship, disabling all targets for 6 seconds.

Magnetic Repulsor: Pushes the target towards an indicated direction. Target receives 100% increased collision damage for 5 section. The target’s level must not exceed your own +2. This device has 2 charges. 

Quantum Entangler: Any damage done to the user will also be applied to the target with a 40% increased intensity for 14.0 seconds.

Everspace 2 ships

Support Devices

Energized Boost: Instantly catapults the ship forward for 2.0 seconds.

Missile Defense System: Destroys all incoming missiles in a 300m radius around the user’s ship for 20.0s seconds.

Nano Transmitter: Repairs the ship’s hull for 20% of the damage dealt while active (5.0 seconds).

Teleporter: Instantly teleports the ship 600m forward. This device has 2 charges.

Temporal Nano Recompensator: Restores 40% of armor damage taken in the last 12.0 seconds.

Fusion Hook: Attaches to surfaces within 2000m and pulls the user toward the target location at high speed. This device has 2 charges. 

Front Shield Generator: Projects an impenetrable shield towards the front of the ship for 15.0 seconds.

Which devices are your favorite to add to your ship in Everspace 2? Comment below and let us know!

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