Everything New in the Bloomin’ Spring Update For “Dinkum”

Spring has sprung in the beautiful world of Dinkum! The wonderful farming simulator that takes place in the Australian Outback has just hit its first big goal on the roadmap for the year, Spring. The game is already chock-full of amazing things to do and seeing that the solo developer James Bendon is already adding huge chunks of new gameplay this quick into the game’s release is a promising sight to see.

This update brings with it a new resident, new flowers, a new building, mines have been expanded on as well. Keep reading below if you want to get into the nitty-gritty of things that have been added and adjusted!

Dinkum’s Blooming Spring Update is Here

Dinkum's newest building that was added in the Bloomin' Spring update!

There are a lot of things added and there’s no way that we could go into extreme detail on everything so here are a few small snips of everything new within the update.

  • New enemies can be encountered in the deeper mines.
  • There is a new Sign Writing License.
  • Added several new signs
  • There is a new Brewing license to unlock new recipes.
  • There is a new Water Scaping license to unlock.
  • Water Beds can be crafted to create decorative waterfalls around your island.
  • A new visitor will visit the island in Autumn and Spring to hold a competition.
  • Each season now has its own sunset time.
  • The bulletin board now contains a calendar.
  • Villagers will now visit other buildings on their days off.
  • Each villager now has a birthday.
  • Pleep are now bought as babies.
  • Saddled Mus are alive now!
  • There is a new whistle that can call saddled Mus to you from anywhere.
  • Added a Tripod Camera used for taking selfies.
  • There is a new vehicle to discover.
  • Added several new plants.
  • Added several new milestones.
  • Added an auto stack button for storage containers.
  • Added a collect and delete all button to the mailbox.
  • Added “save” button to letters you want to protect from the collect all button.
  • Motorbikes now have boost for cool and extreme jumps.
  • A shady visitor has some new items for sale.
  • Each villager now has their own shop music.
  • All furniture and clothing has a icon now.
  • Decreased the likelihood of villagers rewarding players with clothing and increased likelihood of rewarding with Dinks.

The huge ones for us are going to be the auto stack buttons for the chests and the new licenses that were added which allow for much more customization across the island to make it more of your own! At face value there’s mostly a lot of QOL and aesthetic changes that have been made. Check out the full Blooming Spring Update patch notes.

Dinkum's newest store that was added in the Bloomin' Spring update!
 Dinkum’s newest store that was added in the Bloomin’ Spring update!

But if you want to take things deeper, we can take a look at the new Mines that have been added. Mines are the best way to get tons of resources for your settlement. Forget about walking around all day trying to find that one ore you need. You can now just walk up to the mine and go down into the depths of the earth. But, it won’t be easy. Especially now with the new update adding more creatures the deeper you go in the Deep Mine.

Dinkum prior to this update was already one of the best new Stardew Valley, Animal Crossing and Harvest Moon hybrids that we’ve seen in a while and now as it stands, it’s still a strong contender. Seeing the game grow at a steady pace from just one developer is exciting and his engagement with the community is so nice to see as well. If you’re looking for a new farming sim game to add to your rotation, Dinkum is definitely the one to look into!

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