Fake RPG “Bunkers & Badasses” Really Coming Soon

Fans of the Borderlands series will likely tell you that the best DLC pack Gearbox ever made was Tina Tina’s Assault on Dragon Keep.

An honorable mention on our top 10 list of best DLC ever, the Borderlands II add-on was a whimsically bonkers love letter to all the tabletop RPG players. They also enjoyed picking up a bazillion different guns, spoofing the tone and mechanics (and sometimes the associated personality problems) of Dungeons & Dragons through the appropriately named Bunkers & Badasses. Now, it’s going to be coming out as an actual tabletop RPG.

Gearbox, in partnership with Nerdvana Games and Leder Games, will be releasing a print version of Bunkers & Badasses sometime in the first quarter of 2021. An announcement video went up on Gearbox’s official YouTube channel on Saturday. The book promises ten different Vault Hunter classes as well as three introductory adventures, including a version of Tiny Tina’s Assault on Dragon Keep and a sequel adventure Butt Stallion’s Hunny Heist.  Nerdvana Games is currently offering two versions of the TTRPG on its store page for pre-order. The base sourcebook will be available for $60, coming in at 200 pages.


The “deluxe edition” goes for $100 and will come with ten 28mm figurines of each Vault Hunter from the first two Borderlands games, fifty monster standees, a stack of over 100 collectible “gun cards” (along with blanks for you to create your own), a GM screen, a dry-erase battle grid board, and a full set of “Eridium” purple polyhedral dice plus a weighted red “Badass” d20. And to sweeten the deal, any pre-orders made before the end of September will knock $20 off the price.

While we can’t guarantee it will recreate the emotional trauma of a psychotic teenage girl with a preference for high explosives, brutal torture, and crumpets trying to come to grips with the death of her unofficial father figure, it certainly looks like it will give fans a new opportunity to take the Borderlands universe in a new direction.

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