Fallout 4’s Far Harbor additional content releases May 19th here is a trailer

By this point you have likely gone out of your way to explore every nook and cranny of Fallout 4’s huge world, and if you have then you can prepare to explore a whole new world ripe with adventures, mystery and intrigue. Yes, Bethesda is getting set to bring us Fallout 4’s first true expansion Far Harbor very soon.

It is time to head to Far Harbor, an island off the coast of Maine. The plot revolves around the search for a woman as well as a mysterious colony of synths. It contains high levels of radiation which has created new threatening creatures. This downloadable content offers the largest landmass ever produced by Bethesda. It features a growing conflict between new factions which you must choose a side. Upgraded armor and weapons are also at your disposal.

The trailer for Far Harbor shows off its share of dangers, and surely you will be in for many as new terrifying creatures seek to kill you on your journey. There looks to be many tough moments, and perhaps a few difficult choices that will change how you think, feel, and counter this landscape.

Far Harbor will be available May 19, you can see the new trailer for the content below:

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