Respawn has announced a new Star Wars game

Happy Star Wars day to all, especially now that it has been confirmed that another new Star Wars game is in the works. Titanfall developer Respawn revealed a surprising bit of news today wherein they revealed that they are developing their own game set in the Star Wars universe, Stig Asmussen stated that they’re looking forward to making a Star Wars game and he’s been playing them his whole life. While no concrete details on what this game will be about or how it will play has surfaced Respawn sites Titanfall as providing larger than life action, and it’s quite possible that we’ll see a Star Wars game made using that engine.

I expect that this game will possibly combat the Force Awaken’s universe of the series or find a way to blend all three series together for one massive game. We do know that this game will operate in third person rather then first so I think as long as Respawn does with this game what they did right in Titanfall it could be a pretty great experience.

It is time to consider how Titanfall will influence the franchise for the better or the worse, at least that could be interesting however and offer a more unique experience unlike anything we have played before. I think we should expect some information on this game to surface sometime later this year, perhaps E3 might be where some news or perhaps even gameplay is revealed.

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