Famitsu: Final Fantasy XVI Has A Middling Launch

Every Thursday we share the weekly Famitsu sales charts, which tracks physical boxed game sales and hardware sales in Japan. This week’s chart covers June 19 – 25, giving us our first look at Final Fantasy XVI‘s commercial performance in Japan. In it’s first weekend on sale, Final Fantasy XVI sold a little over 336,000 units on PS5. This is considerably less than Final Fantasy XV‘s Famitsu debut at 720,000 units sold, and Final Fantasy VII Remake‘s 703,000 units sold.

Just looking at the Famitsu sales doesn’t entirely tell the full story, as it’s worth considering the Japanese install base of the consoles the games release on. We can create a more accurate comparison by taking the game sales as a percentage of the console install base, to see how many owners of that platform chose to purchase the title. At launch, Final Fantasy XV had a game-to-console attachment rate of about 19%, whilst Final Fantasy VII Remake had a rate of around 7.8%. Where Final Fantasy XVI currently sits is at 8.9%, which is less than half of what Final Fantasy XV was able to do in physical sales. Digital sales are likely higher now than in the past, but we sadly don’t have those figures!

Despite mixed fan reception, Final Fantasy XV remains one of the most commercially successful games in the franchise.

It’s also worth considering the Final Fantasy XVI sales discussion in a worldwide context too. Square Enix recently confirmed the game shipped and sold digitally 3 million copies in its first week, putting it close behind Final Fantasy VII Remake‘s 3.5 million copies shipped and sold digitally in three days. Whilst Final Fantasy VII Remake shipped more and did it faster, the global install base of the PS4 was much larger than the current global PS5 install base, given the title released seven years into the PS4’s life.

Comparing Final Fantasy XVI to the last main entry in the series paints a slightly different picture, as Final Fantasy XV sold 5 million copies in a single day back in 2016. Again, the PS4 install base was larger than the PS5 at that time, and the game had a cross-platform release on the Xbox One. It’s too early to judge the long-term success of Final Fantasy XVI at this time. As a PS5 exclusive game it’s currently performing well, although it’s underperforming for a mainline Final Fantasy title.

Final Fantasy 16 Clive looking over to a giant crystal cliff behind a castle and town
Final Fantasy XVI is performing well as a PS5 exclusive title, but sales are below other recent series entries.

Here’s the full Famitsu software sales chart for June 19 – 25. Missed our last chart report where Street Fighter VI failed to unseat Tears of the Kingdom? Check it out right here.

  1. Final Fantasy XVI (PS5): 336,027 weekly [debut]
  2. Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom (Switch): 25,155 weekly [1,697,225 total]
  3. Mario Kart 8 Deluxe (Switch): 8,066 weekly [5,344,544 total]
  4. Minecraft (Switch): 6,166 weekly [3,171,606 total]
  5. Nintendo Switch Sports (Switch): 6,156 weekly [1,107,323 total]
  6. Pokémon Scarlet and Violet (Switch): 4,901 weekly [5,058,457 total]
  7. Splatoon 3 (Switch): 4,597 weekly [4,043,435 total]
  8. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate (Switch): 4,282 weekly [5,219,828 total]
  9. Ring Fit Adventure (Switch): 4,231 weekly [3,405,063 total]
  10. Zelda: Breath of the Wild (Switch): 3,531 weekly [2,216,142 total]

Here’s the Famitsu hardware chart too. Console families are grouped together for simplicity.

  1. Switch: 105,990 weekly [1,942,366 yearly total]
  2. PS5: 85,385 weekly [1,425,794 yearly total]
  3. Xbox Series: 8,727 weekly [71,353 yearly total]

Have you picked up Final Fantasy XVI yet? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below, and stay tuned to GameLuster for more gaming news and sales reports.

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