Famitsu highlights weapons in Splatoon

Popular Japanese publication Famitsu has gone forward with a new update on Splatoon, this week sharing some details on the games weapons.

Famitsu notes that sub weapons use a lot of ink. The magazine goes on to say that special weapons can only be used after filling a gauge that increases the more ink you shoot, and weapons come in pre-set groups of three. Below are two examples:

Main Weapon: Splat Charger – charging weapon, good for long range attacks, can make ‘Ink Roads’ for you and your team mates to use.
Sub Weapon: Splash Bomb – standard bomb, explodes on impact
Special Weapon: Bomb Rush – Allows you to shoot as many bombs as you want for a set period.

Main Weapon: .52 Gal – Stronger than the Splat Charger, but uses more ink so can’t be fired as much.
Sub Weapon: Splashield – Creates a curtain of ink. Good for narrow pathways to attack your opposition.
Special Weapon: Megaphone Laser – Shoots out a powerful ‘laser’ of ink. Good for turning around battles.

The next update on Splatoon will be in Famitsu’s April 2 issue. I am glad that you still have to be conservative with your weapons and you can’t just constantly shoot, each time I hear about these I just get more excited and I look forward to seeing how well these all work out.

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