Rumor: LEGO toys-to-life game is called LEGO Dimensions

Earlier this week a rumor came to light on Warner Brothers entering the toys to life market, we didn’t get much from this rumor but we did find out that they are possibly planning to use Lego as part of this game. Beyond that we received next to nothing else on this rumor, however the rumor mill itself has kept turning with the latest word from this rumor suggesting a name for this game.

In a report by VideoGamer they shared that this game is being worked on under the working title of “LEGO Dimensions”. Nothing else was shared and at the current state the game is yet to be officially unveiled by Warner Brothers so this does still remain a rumor, however based on the name if this is true the game could have a lot of potential. Though we will just have to wait and see if anything comes to light from this rumor.

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