Fans Celebrate National Video Game Day With #ThanksToVideoGames Hashtag

July 8, 2020, is National Video Game Day, a day to celebrate all of your favorite video games, replay a classic, or finally try a title you’ve always been curious about. Although the history of the date is unknown, with the holiday also being associated with various dates in September, April and June, July 8 seems to have become officially accepted as National Video Game Day in recent years.

Due to the ongoing global COVID-19 pandemic, physical events celebrating National Video Game Day were canceled. However, fans took to Twitter instead, using the hashtag #ThanksToVideoGames to discuss the various ways in which video games have improved their lives.

Some examples credited video games as providing a means of escaping from their stressful daily lives, especially during the current uncertain times.

Others expressed how video games had helped them make new friends and bond with their families — and even allowed them to virtually “hang out” during quarantines and periods of mandatory social distancing.

Some Twitter users even met the love of their lives through video games!

The heartwarming messages just don’t stop. Video games have inspired people to pursue a career…

…or got them through dark times (including quarantine!)…

…or taught them new skills, such as driving, shooting, reading maps, or even learning an entirely new language.

Even some official game developer and publisher Twitter accounts got in on the hashtag fun. In particular, the Pokemon Twitter reminded us all of the vital life lesson taught by a beloved Youngster NPC in an early Pokemon title: “I like shorts! They’re comfy and easy to wear!”

Personally, #ThanksToVideoGames, I found a home away from home, met lifelong friends, traveled the world, and of course, got a job right here at GameLuster!

How have video games changed or improved your life? What message will you be sharing using the #ThanksToVideoGames hashtag? How will you be celebrating National Video Game Day? Let us know!

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