Fast Racing Neo is arriving is arriving exclusively for the Wii U by the end of the year, new screenshots release

We have known about Fast Racing Neo for quite some time now, a while back it was announced as a Wii U exclusive from Shin’en who you may know as the developer of the Nano Assault games, unfortunately in the case of Fast Racing Neo we know next to nothing about the game except its fast and it is going to be an interesting racing game. As of now we have not even seen actual game footage, however we do have some new screenshots for the game as provided by Shin’en which you can see below:

These screenshots of the alpha version of the game but they are absolutely stunning, I am excited to see how this game looks when some footage is actually shown, hopefully it will look as amazing as the screenshots above.

Along with these screenshots Shin’en has announced that Fast Racing Neo is currently set to launch by the end of 2015, so there really is not long to wait and I expect we will see some footage for the game in the coming weeks.

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