Lego Dimensions will see support with new content over the next three years, no new starter pack next year

One of the most annoying things about the Skylanders and Disney Infinity franchises is that after a year the previous game just feels irrelevant as we have grown accustomed to a brand new Starter pack being released each year. Originally, for many of us this was a concern for Lego Dimensions that we would just see another Lego Dimensions game next year, thankfully this will not be the case for this game with Warner Brothers opting to take a much different approach.

Speaking with Gamespot, TT Games founder and creative director Jon Burton made a point of saying that Warner Brothers will not be bringing out another starter pack next year. The company is in it for the long haul with Lego Dimensions as they have stated that fans can look forward to seeing more content released for the game, which is most likely to arrive in the form of new packs.

The better part Burton noted during his discussion is that they have plans to keep supporting the game for the next three years. Burton had this to say:

We absolutely see Dimensions as a platform. They’ll be no new Starter Set next year, but lots of new content that will be compatible with everything we release. We already have plans for the next three years and plenty of companies have approached us to get involved. We’ll have lots of exciting new announcements in the new year.


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