Fatal Frames more body exposing costumes have seemingly been removed from the North American and European versions

We all know how Japan is, the country seems to covet its teenage girls and exploiting them in the mediums of anime and videogames using them more as things you stare at drooling over rather then actual humans. When Fatal Frame: Maiden of Black Water was released in Japan this exploitation was very much the case, the game featured costumes for one of our female protagonists that is exposing an clearly put in for the Japanese public. This costume (which you can see below) is anything but decent showing our character off in her underwear, which isn’t to flattering for the character.

Fatal Frame Maiden of Black Water Adult costumes

Thankfully, it is looking like this costume has been removed from the North American and European versions of the game though it is not completely clear. While some of the recent reviews have said the original costumes are in tact, others have stated their removal, we should no more about this within the coming days as more people start playing the game.

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