New Super Mario Brothers speedrun world record set

Speedrunning is a tough game, it is an activity that not anyone can do, it takes mastery of games to try to beat records and become the undisputed champion of a game. There are many big games for speedrunners to pursue, but one of the biggest is the classic 1985 game Super Mario Brothers, many have chased the record for this game and now a new champion has taken the crown. Speedrunner Darbian has taken the honor of being the brand new Super Mario Brothers champion clearing the game in just four minutes 57 seconds and 627 milliseconds. He’s beaten out the previous record holder, i_o_l, by 66 milliseconds.

You can see Darbian’s run below:

According to Darbian there is a way that he can take another few seconds off his time by doing something in level 4-2. He also sights a few mistakes he made in the final level which he thinks he can improve on for a better time.

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