Festive Events This Gaming Season

Christmas is fast approaching and what a perfect time to ignore all your responsibilities and open up your favourite game. Our favourite games have had their annual festive makeover, dusted off the cosmetics they’ve had hidden away for months and are making us work this Christmas. Whether you are playing solo or with friends this season, it is the perfect time to jump into a game and escape reality for a little while. So without further ado, I have compiled a list of some you can boot up for December 2022! (Woo, that rhymed).

Destiny 2
Dress up like a Christmas decoration in Destiny 2

Destiny 2 is once again hosting their Dawning event this season. With the task of baking cookies in your Christmas oven to deliver to your friends across the solar system, this is the perfect event to get you in the giving mood. Having started on December 13th and running until January 3rd, you also have enough time to grab the limited-edition items including a shiny new pulse rifle, new ornaments so you can dress up in style and of course, an unlimited amount of snowballs. So what are you waiting for? Go out and collect ingredients for your cookies and get ready for the heartwarming response from your friends (or as a treat for you!)

Overwatch 2
Throw snowballs at the nearest Genji player in Overwatch 2

Now that Blizzard has finally announced their Winter event this year, titled Winter Wonderland, it is the perfect time to get flanked on the backline by a Reaper but this time in the snow… sorry, that was my anger as an Ana main coming out. Overwatch 2 is once again back with their event (running from December 13th to January 4th) that offers players the opportunity to take on daily challenges in order to get some brand new icons, sprays and most importantly, Brigitte’s Ice Queen skin.

There is also the chance to play Mei’s Snowball offensive as well as some other wintery game modes. Not only that, but by watching your favourite Overwatch Twitch streamer, you can grab yourself D.va’s festive victory pose and a legendary Christmas skin. Finally, just by logging onto the game between December 20th and January 4th, you will receive a free Festive Wreath weapon charm (to stick in Sigma’s hand) and the 2023 player icon!

Dead by Daylight

Personally, nothing screams ‘Christmas’ more to me than running away from Michael Myers trying to murder you whilst dressed as an elf. Sound good to you too? Then it’s definitely time to play Dead by Daylight’s festive mode, Bone Chill, available from December 8th to January 4th. You will now find your favourite maps decorated for the holidays – the hooks you hang from will be lovingly wrapped in tinsel and you will also get to die on a beautiful blanket of snow.

You can also blind your would-be killers in style with a festive blinding device as you work on challenges in order to unlock new cosmetics. Not only that but this limited-time event will also see the return of the deadly snowmen. This time, eight of them will spawn around the map and both the killer and survivors can crawl into them for some more horrifying fun. With a large number of new cosmetics including ugly sweaters and charms, this is the perfect game to play to add that bit of spookiness to Christmas.


Grab your nearest ten-year-old relative that will always be better at this game than you, and boot up Fornite this season. Their Winterfest event from December 13th to January 3rd is not only guaranteed to be a lot of fun to play but will also offer a lot of free stuff. This includes 17 free in-game items and two free outfits over the course of the event.

Taking on the role of a virtual advent calendar, players can unwrap a new present at the Winterfest Lodge every day for 14 days which according to Epic Games, consists of “two Outfits, two Gliders, two Wraps, three Lobby Tracks, three Sprays, plus a Back Bling, Pickaxe, Contrail, Emote, and Emoticon”. With the return of snowball launchers, Christmas gifts full of loot, and much more, the battlefield is going to be a much more exciting place this Winterfest.

Apex Legends

Apex Legends is offering a collection event this season which started on December 6th. Players will be given the chance to take part in the limited-time mode event, Winter Express, which consists of three squads fighting onboard a train as it speeds through World’s Edge in order to capture the locomotive.

There will also be 24 themed limited-edition cosmetics available during this time for heroes such as Bangalore, Crypto, Newcastle, Valkyrie, Gibraltar, and Bloodhound which will also include “complementary weapons.” If you manage to grab all of these items, you will also receive Wraith’s ‘Apex Voidshifter’ skin! Complete daily challenges whether in or out of your battle pass and get ready to be shot in the head with a Kraber this festive season.

Disney Dreamlight Valley

If you’re not up for chasing people around with a knife in Dead by Daylight or knocking them out with a hammer in Overwatch this Christmas, then the cozy Disney Dreamlight Valley is the way to go. With its first winter-themed event, Festive Star Path, players can get their whole village in the mood for Christmas!

With the addition of festive items both in the shop and available to craft, you can win decorations to decorate your village and dress up in some holiday-themed outfits alongside your key characters, Mickey and Merlin. Once you are done decorating, you can give coal to one of the village’s pesky villains, make delicious gingerbread houses and even design an ugly sweater. Disney Dreamlight Valley is the perfect way to spend this Christmas, no matter your age.

Final Fantasy XIV

From December 15th to December 31st, delve into the world of Final Fantasy XIV’s, Starlight Celebration. Throughout this event, you will come across many present boxes and snowman decorations littered around the major cities which is the perfect setting for the quests.

After speaking to Amh Garanjy in Old Gridania (X:10.2 Y:9.4), your Warriors of Light will be able to get their hands on some limited-time items. This includes a new mount called the Starlight Steed, a beautiful reindeer which may or may not have a special interaction, as well as a new outdoor furnishing item in the form of an illuminated tree to add to your home. So grab your new mount, dress up with your friends and spend Christmas in Eorzea.

Which game will you be playing over the Christmas season? Let us know in the comments!

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