Is The Last Of Us Part III In Development?

An industry insider has suggested that The Last Of Us Part III is in development at Naughty Dog – but it’s likely best not to get our hopes up yet. In the first post shared to Twitter, the industry tipster, going by the handle Viewer Anon, teased the internet that they would “drop a scoop” if they didn’t receive early access to HBO’s upcoming adaptation of The Last Of Us in the following ten minutes.

You can see how this is going to play out. With no early access to the adaptation, which airs on HBO from January 15, 2023, Viewer Anon followed up the tease with a claim that The Last Of Us Part III was “currently in production” at Naughty Dog’s studios. Since we’re unlikely to expect any official announcement from Neil Druckmann and his team on a sequel to The Last Of Us Part II anytime soon, it’s best to manage expectations with this rumour.

Viewer Anon was later asked by a Twitter user for an update on Uncharted and whether the franchise would receive a new title. In response, Viewer Anon said the next game would be developed by another studio. The tipster addressed fan skepticism on the legitimacy of the leaks revealed through their channel, to which Viewer Anon cited accurate claims related to Ashley Johnson’s role in HBO’s The Last Of Us and Crash Bandicoot 4.

Recently, Laura Bailey confirmed interest in returning to the role of Abby if The Last Of Us Part III were ever to materialise, describing it as “one of the most influential roles I’ve had in my life.”

For more The Last Of Us content, GameLuster reported that The Last Of Us would be coming to PC in 2023.

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