Fight Demons in Heaven in New Switch Title Neon White

Publisher Annapurna Interactive is best known for gorgeous, atmospheric, environment-focused titles such as Kentucky Route Zero, The Pathless, and What Remains of Edith Finch. Now, Annapurna and Donut County creator Ben Esposito are teaming up once again to tackle what might just be the most stunning environment of them all: Heaven itself.

Announced during last night’s Nintendo Direct event, Neon White is a first-person action title which puts players into the role of White, an assassin tasked with eradicating the demons which have begun to infest Heaven. However, it’s not just any ordinary extermination job – the hunter who completes the task will win the prize of getting to stay in Heaven permanently.

The gameplay of Neon White will combine elements of the platforming, action, first-person shooter and deck building genres. Players will be required to collect “Soul Cards,” cards which are capable of transforming a wide variety of weapons, and then take on the demons in fast-paced battles. Only the assassin with the strongest Soul Cards and most powerful moves will stand a chance of being selected to reside in Heaven. The fastest assassins might even be able to increase their “Neon Rank” and earn medals!

In addition to the unique gameplay, Neon White features an anime-inspired art style and story written by Ryann Shannon, who previously worked on the cartoon OK KO! Developer Esposito has described the game as a love letter to some of his favorite anime and action games.

The game is currently planned to release in Winter 2021, with no official date announced. It will be releasing for both Nintendo Switch and PC via Steam.

Are you ready to take on the forces of Hell and defend Heaven? Which demonic assassin are you most excited to get to know when Neon White releases? Let us know!

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