Hades Receiving Physical Release for Nintendo Switch

Roguelike action title Hades quickly became one of the most popular indie titles of 2020. Fans fell in love with determined protagonist Zagreus and the varied cast of gods and monsters he meets as he desperately attempts to escape from his father’s kingdom and reach the surface world. With Hades already available on the Nintendo Switch console, fans weren’t expecting much news during yesterday’s Nintendo Direct broadcast – so they were quite surprised indeed when Zagreus and friends showed up with an unexpected announcement.

Hades, which was previously available for digital purchase via the Nintendo Switch eShop, will be receiving a physical Switch release in just over a month, on March 19, 2021.

In addition to the game itself, the physical release will come with two extra goodies for Hades fans. The first is a PC download code for the game’s original soundtrack, which will feature a total of 2.5 hours of music. Hades’ soundtrack also received high praise, and the game was nominated for Best Score and Best Music at the Game Awards in 2020.

The second is a full color character compendium featuring art of friends, allies, enemies and even possible romantic options from throughout the game. The compendium has been revealed to be 32 pages long.

The physical edition of Hades is currently available for pre-order via certain retailers, including Best Buy. Fans who pre-order the game may wind up scoring a nice discount, as the game was rumored to cost $39.99 USD, but is available at Best Buy for $34.99. However, this has not yet been officially confirmed.

Will you be purchasing Hades for the first time, or do you already own it digitally and simply can’t resist the physical edition as well? Are you ready to escape from the Underworld once again alongside Zagreus? Let us know!

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