Final Fantasy 16: How To Get Primitive Battle Horn

In Final Fantasy 16, if you are looking forward to obtaining the mighty Gottendammrung Sword, then you should be ready with the materials needed to craft said weapon. The specific materials needed to craft this sword are mainly Orichalcum, Darksteel, and Primitive Battle Horn.

Out of the materials mentioned above, Primitive Battle Horn is the most challenging one to obtain, with very little information on it. Keeping that in mind, we have prepared a handy guide discussing the best possible way to get this super rare material in Final Fantasy 16.

How to Get Primitive Battle Horn in Final Fantasy 16

Primitive Battle Horn

In order to get a hold of Primitive Battle Horn in Final Fantasy 16, you need to defeat a specific A-Rank Notorious Mark named Gobermouch. Surprisingly, there is only one Primitive Battle Horn in the entire game, which is a drop reward for defeating this particular enemy, so you cannot skip him if you want to craft Gottendammrung!

Where To Find Gobermouch in Final Fantasy 16

Gobermouch Map Location

After unlocking Gobermouch on the Hunt Board, you can find it in Woaled in the Eistla region. More specifically, open your map to navigate the Hideaway, and from there, travel far east to reach the fast travel known as Eistla. Once you’re there, start walking straight, and you will eventually encounter some stairs. Climb up those stairs and you will end up where Gobermouch resides.

If you still find it difficult to understand, the screenshot image above might help you out!

How To Defeat Gobermouch in Final Fantasy 16


Gobermouch is a level 38 Notorious Hunt, so defeating him will not be easy if you prepare yourself with a casual mindset. During the fight, the menacing enemy is prone to using two special attacks that you’ll need to keep an eye on:

  • Little Swing: Gobermouch starts to swing against you to land multiple attacks with the weapon in his hand. Here, the best you can do is stay away from him until he finishes his swing.
  • Goblin Punch: This attack can inflict a lot of damage against you if not dodged on time. Basically, Gobermouch will try to land multiple punches on you with his fist, and it will go on for a few seconds.

Eventually, when you get a chance, attack the menacing enemy with your best abilities, and you will be a winner in no time. With this, you will finally get the Primitive Battle Horn as a reward, with some additional lucrative items.

This is the only way to get Primitive Battle Horn in Final Fantasy 16. If you find this guide helpful, share it with your friends! And let us know in the comment section if you have any questions or guide topics you’d like to see. Also, while you are here, take a look at GameLuster’s Final Fantasy 16 guide covering how to get the Invictus sword.

Final Fantasy 16 is currently available on PlayStation 5.

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