Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII Review

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  1. Sunnycyde says:

    Ugh the final fantasy series has been on a downward slope for many iterations now. Hopefully we get back to the good stuff again soon.

    1. GameLuster says:

      Yeah, but thats Square Enix for you

  2. Tyrannikos says:

    Honest critique: PLEASE work on your grammar, spelling, punctuation and sentence structure. There are other issues, but these are crucial first steps needed to properly review a product.

    As for a more biased, personal pet-peeve: “RPG Final Fantasy Game”

    Do you realize what you just said? “Role-Playing game Final Fantasy Game”.

    1. alex greagsbey says:

      Well I am sorry you feel that way about the punctuation of my review, but I am glad that you have given an honest opinion.

      I will try and take on board what you have said for my next review.

    2. GameLuster says:

      Thanks Tyrannikos, I have tidied a review a bit, I’ll inform all reviewers to be more cautious on future reviews

  3. Dragonopt1 says:

    They want people to play it more then once, you’re not suppose to do everything in one play through. That’s why others have said the replay value is high…