Final Fantasy XV getting a deluxe and collectors edition

With the release date for Final Fantasy XV finally outed Square Enix has now revealed the varying ways you can receive your copy of the game. The game will be coming in the form of various special editions beyond the regular standard release, giving fans an option to how they want to commerate the long awaited release. As you can expect each version will cost more money and the game will be receiving two different special editions, this includes a deluxe and special edition.

The Deluxe Edition will be a simple steelbook box art, downloadable content (Royal Raiment outfit, Masamune sword, and the Platinum Leviathan coating for your card) and a physical copy of the movie, Kingsglaive. This will be priced at $89.99.

Along with the Deluxe Edition is a more expensive Collector’s Edition, which will only have 30,000 units available. The catch? It will be exclusive to Square Enix’s store. It comes with a everything that’s in the deluxe edition, but with a 192 page hardcover artbook, a statue of Noctis, the Brotherhood anime, and a slew of new downloadable content. This version of the game will be quite pricey setting you back $269.99, something that I think the rich or loyal fans will love.

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