Fire Emblem: Three Hopes Trailer Reveals New Protagonist Shez

The latest trailer for the upcoming Fire Emblem Warriors title Three Hopes surprised fans today with a trailer revealing that Byleth, who previously served as the protagonist in the 2019 tactical strategy title Fire Emblem: Three Houses, would not be returning to their role. Instead, a new character, nicknamed “Shez” but confirmed to be nameable by the player, will serve as the protagonist, while Byleth will appear in an unexpected antagonistic role.

Like Byleth, Shez is a mercenary; however, the new trailer shows that they will be helping out the students of Garreg Mach Officer’s Academy as a battlefield ally rather than serving as their teacher. In battle, Shez wields two swords, and they seem to have a connection to a mysterious white-haired figure, who may be a goddess of some type. Players can choose between male and female versions of Shez.

Byleth, primarily referred to as the “Ashen Demon,” will be serving as an antagonist in this game. However, previous trailers did focus heavily on Byleth, with the implication that they might become playable at some point in the story. Like Shez, Byleth will have male and female versions available for the players to select.

The new trailer also confirmed that Three Hopes, like Three Houses before it, will be split into three routes. Each route will see Shez siding with one of three factions: the Adrestian Empire in “Scarlet Blaze,” the Kingdom of Faerghus in “Azure Gleam,” and the Leicester Alliance in “Golden Wildfire.” It has not yet been confirmed whether Three Hopes will feature a fourth route focused on the Church of Seiros or another outside faction.

Aside from Shez, confirmed playable characters include Edelgard von Hresvelg and Hubert von Vestra for Scarlet Blaze, Dimitri Alexander Blaiddyd and Dedue Molinaro for Azure Gleam, and Claude von Riegan and Hilda Valentine Goneril for Golden Wildfire. One new playable character, Monica von Ochs, has also been revealed and seems to be primarily appearing on the Scarlet Blaze route. Monica’s inclusion comes as a surprise to fans, as she was a non-playable antagonist in the original Three Houses. Other characters, including Mercedes von Martritz, Flayn, and Lorenz Hellman Gloucester, were also shown in the trailer but were not yet confirmed to be playable or appear on the battlefield.

Like previous Warriors games, Three Hopes will feature battles in which individual playable characters take on hordes of enemies, while AI-controlled characters will follow basic orders such as “Attack” or “Heal.” In addition, Three Hopes will include between-battle sections set in Garreg Mach Monastery, where the player will be able to train, socialize, and enjoy meals with the members of their army. It has not been confirmed whether Supports will be returning, and other monastery activities such as tea parties and fishing also remain unconfirmed.

Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes will release for the Nintendo Switch on June 24, 2022. It is currently available for pre-order.

Which characters would you like to see return in Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes? Which of the three routes are you most interested in playing first? Comment below and let us know!


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