GameLuster Writers’ House Choices for Fire Emblem: Three Houses

The release of Fire Emblem: Three Houses is so close, you can almost taste it (but we don’t recommend licking the bitter cartridge). Still, you have one important decision to make even after you decide to spend $60 on a new game: What house should I pick? The Black Eagles, Blue Lions, and Golden Deer all hold different students and a unique house leader, and your story will change depending on your choice. At GameLuster, we’ve been thinking our choices carefully, and here’s what we’re going with.

Austin Suther – Blue Lions

blue lions

The first time I saw Dimitri of the Blue Lions, I knew that was my house. Ephraim is my favorite lord from Fire Emblem, after all, and he wielded a lance as well. Moreover, Dimitri’s character arc seems to take some dramatic twists and turns, without delving too much into spoilers. For the most part, I also think that the Blue Lions has the stronger designs. Black Eagles have a couple weird looking dudes, and the Golden Deer are just… strange. Don’t even get me started on Lorenz. Yeah, I think that Blue Lions leads the pack in terms of design, and clearly the color blue is superior to all the rest. While I do plan on playing all the houses, I’ll save the worst for last. Sorry, Golden Deer.

Robert Scarpinito – Black Eagles

black eagles

The obvious choice would be the Black Eagles for so many reasons.
  1. Lions and deer have to fight on the ground, while eagles can fly above all the action.
  2. Edelgard “And my Axe” von Hresvelg is our lord and savior.
  3. Black and red is a more intimidating color scheme than whatever the other two have.
  4. Lorenz makes me uncomfortable, so I’d let him die as soon as possible. Why limit myself to a seven-person squad so early in the game?
  5. Blue Lions has more men than women in it, while the other two houses have an equal representation of genders. I won’t stand for the Lions’ blatant gender discrimination.
  6. I’m a Gryffindor. Why would I pick Hufflepuff or Ravenclaw?

Thanks for coming to my TED Talk.

Elizabeth Christopher – Golden Deer

golden deer

I’ve decided to go with the Golden Deer in Fire Emblem: Three Houses! I had been torn between the Golden Deer and the Blue Lions for a while. Claude seemed like such an interesting character, but I liked the most students in the Blue Lions. With the release of the Nintendo Treehouse footage showing that players are able to customize their house with some of the students from the other houses, I decided that it would be most important to stick with the house leader I found the most interesting. Plus, the introduction video for the Deer said that their sigil is such because they have giant deer in their territory, so I’m also holding out for a mounted class riding a deer! Also, I’m a huge Pokémon Go player and I’ve been on Team Instinct since day one. This is kind of the same thing, right?

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