A Trifecta of Classic DOOM Games Comes to Current Consoles

DOOM Eternal is still a few months away, but during the QuakeCon keynote a few days ago, id Software dropped a neat little surprise for all the DOOM fans out there. Three classic DOOM games are now available on current-gen consoles. Namely, 1993’s DOOM, 1994’s DOOM II and 2004’s DOOM 3 have arrived on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Nintendo Switch. It’s not the original DOOM 3 though. It’s actually the 2012 re-release, titled the BFG Edition, which came with a few neat extras such as bundling the original DOOM 3 with the expansion, Resurrection of Evil. It also includes a brand new chapter, “The Lost Missions,” and some graphical improvements to boot. The other major difference in the BFG Edition is that it includes an armor-mounted flashlight unlike the original, which required you to holster your weapon and swap to the flashlight in dark areas.

There are a few minor tweaks. According to Twitter user @noteinso, these DOOM ports might actually involve the original games being ported or somehow remade in Unity. Currently, you need to log in or create a Bethesda.net account before you can play any of the ports, but Bethesda has confirmed it is working on making the login optional. The publisher also revealed the reason for the logins is to connect these games to the “Slayer Club” promotion. It did seem to remember my logins between games though because after logging in and playing a bit of DOOM, when I first loaded up DOOM II and later DOOM 3, it just instantly logged in without even asking for details.

That’s not all though in DOOM ports though. Gematsu has noticed a PEGI rating for PC and PS4 versions of DOOM 64. For the unaware, DOOM 64 isn’t just a Nintendo 64 port, but an actual direct sequel to DOOM II. Picking up after the events of DOOM II, despite saving the world from the demonic invasion, the Doomguy has to return to Mars one more time and fight a fresh wave of demons when something unexpectedly resurrects them all.

Food for Thought

It’s actually surprising to see fresh Xbox One versions considering that the Xbox 360 versions of DOOM, DOOM II and DOOM 3: BFG Edition are all backward compatible. However, It’s great to see a bunch of DOOM games on something from Nintendo. I’ve wanted some classic DOOM on for my Switch for quite some time, so I’m a very happy boy right now. Price-wise it seems pretty fair too. £3.99/$4.99 for DOOM and II individually, while DOOM 3 is £7.99/$9.99. I have no shame in saying that I bought all three immediately, and will absolutely buy DOOM 64 if it comes to Switch as well. Screw it, just bring every DOOM game to Switch. Final DOOM, DOOM RPG 1 and 2, and DOOM Pinball. I’ll buy everything without even an ounce of shame and care for my wallet’s feelings. Anything to help suppress the urge to rip and tear until November finally arrives.

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