Fire Emblem: Three Houses DLC Wave 2 Adds Costumes and Challenges

The second wave of Expansion Pass DLC for Fire Emblem: Three Houses has just been released onto the Nintendo Switch eShop.

The first thing added is the much-anticipated “Maddening” difficulty for the game. This difficulty is a step up from the Hard difficulty and is for players looking to challenge themselves. If you beat Maddening difficulty without using a New Game+, the title screen of the game will change.

Maddening mode can only be picked on new files.

This DLC also includes some new cosmetic items for the characters. Players can now have their students dress in a new “House Loungewear” costume, which outfits them in a pajama/gym uniform-like outfit that changes depending on the house. The player character also got glasses as an option for an additional accessory.

What team?!
For when you want Byleth to look smarter.

Finally, the expansion adds to the gameplay with new maps and items. New auxiliary reward maps are introduced, which give double the items or money upon completion. There are also some new stat-increasing items given to players with the Expansion Pass.

Reward maps are marked with a gold exclamation point.
These items raise stats by a lot and would be useful for players who need help recruiting students!

More Fire Emblem: Three Houses Expansion Pass waves will come in the future, and are slated to include new supports as well as additional story content. Check out the patch notes here.

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