Like its predecessor Fire Emblem: Three Houses, Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes divides the game’s story into three distinct routes. Taking control of a new character, Shez, the player will have the ability to choose between the titular three houses – the Black Eagles led by Edelgard von Hresvelg, the Blue Lions led by Dimitri Alexander Blaiddyd, and the Golden Deer led by Claude von Riegan – during Chapter 2 of the musou-style spinoff. From there, players will either fight for the Adrestian Empire on the Scarlet Blaze route, the Holy Kingdom of Faerghus on the Azure Gleam route, or the Leicester Alliance on the Golden Wildfire route.

Like Three Houses, there is some ability to recruit characters between routes. Other characters are exclusive to a single route, and cannot be recruited on the other two. To recruit a character, you must generally deploy the “Persuade [character’s name]” strategy in the chapter where they appear as an enemy. Some characters have further recruitment requirements, as they must be spoken to by existing units in your party before they will be persuaded to join.

Below is a chapter-by-chapter list of every character available to recruit on the Scarlet Blaze route of the game, which follows Edelgard and the Black Eagles as they battle their way across the continent of Fodlan to challenge the corrupt Central Church.


Chapter 1

Shez, the game’s protagonist, is automatically available to play on all routes beginning with the prologue. Edelgard von Hresvelg becomes playable in Chapter 1 before the player chooses a house. Several students as well as Jeritza von Hrym appear as NPCs next in Chapter 2.

Chapter 3

Hubert von Vestra, Dorothea Arnault, Petra Macneary, and Monica von Ochs are automatically available to play starting in Chapter 3 of the Scarlet Blaze route.

Chapter 4

Caspar von Bergliez, Linhardt von Hevring, Bernadetta von Varley, Jeritza von Hrym, and Manuela Casagranda are available to play from the beginning of Chapter 4 onward. Ferdinand von Aegir returns in this chapter after previously appearing as an NPC in earlier chapters, and remains playable throughout the rest of the route.

Constance von Nuvelle and Hapi of the Ashen Wolves can be recruited using the “Persuade Constance” and “Persuade Hapi” battle strategies in Chapter 4.

Constance Three Hopes

Chapter 5

Ashe Ubert of the Blue Lions can be recruited using the “Persuade Ashe” battle strategy in Chapter 5. Ashe appears as an enemy partway through the chapter after you have successfully protected his adopted father, Lord Lonato.

Chapter 6

As the Adrestian army makes their way through the lands of the Leicester Alliance on their path of conquest, many characters belonging to the Golden Deer house are available to recruit in the following chapters.

Lorenz Hellman Gloucester, Ignatz Victor of the Golden Deer and Balthus von Albrecht of the Ashen Wolves can be recruited in Chapter 6 by using the “Persuade Lorenz” “Persuade Ignatz” and “Persuade Balthus” strategies in battle. Note that you will need to complete the optional battles in this chapter in order to have enough Strategy Resources to successfully recruit all three enemy commanders.

Chapter 7

Lysithea von Ordelia and Marianne von Edmund of the Golden Deer can be recruited using the “Persuade Lysithea” and “Persuade Marianne” strategies in Chapter 7. Raphael Kirsten, also of the Golden Deer, can be recruited using the “Persuade Raphael” strategy ONLY if you previously recruited Ignatz and have him deployed as part of your main party in this battle.

fire emblem three hopes hubert lysithea support

Chapter 8

Mercedes von Martritz is the second of two Blue Lions house members who can be recruited on the Scarlet Blaze route. She can be recruited using the “Persuade Mercedes” strategy in Chapter 8. However, she can be recruited ONLY if Jeritza is actively deployed as part of your party in this chapter.

Chapter 9

Shamir Nevrand, a mercenary previously affiliated with the Church of Seiros, can be recruited by using the “Persuade Shamir” strategy in Chapter 9 of the Scarlet Blaze route.

Chapter 10

Yuri Leclerc of the Ashen Wolves can be recruited by using the “Persuade Yuri” strategy during the final battle of Chapter 10. He is the final member of the four Ashen Wolves who can be successfully recruited.

Byleth Eisner, the Ashen Demon, and their father Jeralt Reus Eisner can be recruited by performing a series of specific actions during the final battle of Chapter 10 of the Scarlet Blaze route. First, you must take Baron Mateus’ Stronghold from the Baron without killing him. Next, successfully deploy the “Resonant Lightning” strategy. After that, you have to successfully complete the rest of the chapter without defeating Byleth. Completing the chapter will require defeating the other enemy commanders: Yuri Leclerc, Alois Rangeld, and Rodrigue Achille Fraldarius.

If you complete all these actions correctly, Byleth and Jeralt will both join your army after the battle. Keep in mind that choosing to spare Byleth and Jeralt (and thus recruit them) will result in a different ending than the one achieved by defeating Byleth in battle, so players may wish to save and play Chapter 10 and other later chapters multiple times to see both endings.

Chapter 12

Leonie Pinelli can be recruited by using the “Persuade Leonie” strategy during the final battle of Chapter 12. However, the player must have previously successfully recruited both Byleth and Jeralt in Chapter 10. These characters just need to be recruited; they do not need to be deployed as part of the active party in Chapter 12 in order to successfully recruit Leonie.

fire emblem three hopes ashen wolves demo

These are all of the recruitable characters on the Scarlet Blaze route of Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes. All remaining characters – Dimitri Alexander Blaiddyd, Dedue Molinaro, Felix Hugo Fraldarius, Rodrigue Achille Fraldarius, Sylvain Jose Gautier, Ingrid Brandl Galatea, Annette Fantine Dominic of the Blue Lions, Claude von Riegan, Holst Sigiswald Goneril, Hilda Valentine Goneril of the Golden Deer, Seteth, Flayn, and Catherine of the Church of Seiros – cannot be recruited on the Scarlet Blaze route.

Who is your favorite character that is playable on the Scarlet Blaze route of Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes? Who did you let fall, and who did you successfully recruit into your party? Which units did you use the most frequently in battle? Comment below and let us know!

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