Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes, a musou-style spinoff of the Fire Emblem franchise, combines the characters and setting of Fire Emblem: Three Houses with the large maps and 1-vs-100 combat of the Dynasty Warriors franchise. One element that comes from Fire Emblem is the variety of classes which characters can equip. These range from the speedy Swordmaster to the airborne Pegasus Knight and from the sinister Dark Bishop to the radiant Holy Knight, with available weapons including swords, lances, axes, bows, magic, and more.

One particularly unique class in the Fire Emblem franchise is the Dancer, first introduced in Fire Emblem: Mystery of the Emblem, the third title in the series. Dancers are able to perform a dance (or, in some games, a song) in battle in order to reinvigorate allies and allow them to act again. Combat-wise, Dancers are typically a speed-focused class that combines magic spells with lightweight weapons, usually swords but occasionally spears or daggers. Most games in the series had only a single character as their dedicated Dancer, but Fire Emblem: Three Houses allowed players to choose between most of the available playable characters, as any character capable of passing a Charm check could claim victory in the White Heron Cup and train as a Dancer.


Finding the Dancer Manual

Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes continues this tradition by making the Dancer class accessible to any character. However, you must locate an item called the Dancer Manual, which is encountered late in each of the game’s three routes. This item can be found in Chapter 12 of the Scarlet Blaze / Black Eagles and Azure Gleam / Blue Lions route in Chapter 13 of the Golden Wildfire / Golden Deer route. You will know that it is the right chapter because NPCs in your Base Camp will begin reminiscing about the White Heron Cup.

First, you must complete all side missions available in the chapter. Once you do, you will find a Survey Spot in the form of a house that gives an unidentified reward. It will be marked with a green star and three question marks. The house is in a different location on each route, so you will have to keep an eye out for it. Surveying the house will reward you with the item Dancer Manual, which unlocks the Dancer class.

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Using the Dancer Class in Battle

The Dancer class can wield both swords and magic in battle, and has an advantage against units that use tomes. The Dancer’s magic features a combination of healing and AOE magic attack. The class’s special move is a timed spinning attack, which requires the player to press the “X” button at specific times when it is displayed on the screen. This attack is very good at taking out a large number of enemies at once. Dancers will also fill their Warrior Gauges more quickly if they have a high Charm stat.

Because Dancer is a sword-wielding class with the rank of Master, it requires training a character in several other classes before they can unlock the Dancer. The unit must start as a Myrmidon, then progress to either Thief or Mercenary and from there to Swordmaster or Assassin. Dancer is one of three Master-rank classes that primarily wield swords, alongside the Mortal Savant and the Trickster.


Who Should Train as a Dancer?

While any playable character can become a Dancer, it is best suited to units who already have a natural affinity for swords and magic, as well as units with a high Speed and Charm stat. (However, the Charm stat of a character can be increased by regularly taking them on Expeditions between battles.) On the Scarlet Blaze route, Petra is a speedy character with natural sword abilities, while Hubert, Dorothea, Monica, and Linhardt are natural mages and Ferdinand, although beginning the game wielding lances, has a speed-based personal ability. The Azure Gleam route has powerful mages Annette and Mercedes and healer Flayn as well as the speedy sword user Felix. Marianne of Golden Wildfire specializes in both swords and magic, while Lysithea has excellent inherent magic abilities and Holst has natural access to the Swordmaster class line.

The game’s protagonist, Shez, also makes an excellent choice for a Dancer, as they naturally use swords and their personal classes, Fluegel and Asura, are also speedy sword-based classes. Yuri of the Ashen Wolves, who is recruitable on all routes, is another excellent choice – his preferred class is Trickster, the only other class that uses both swords and magic. Ultimately, however, you can select absolutely any unit to become a Dancer. You should ultimately choose any unit you enjoy using in battle!


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