First gameplay footage for Zelda U shown

Zelda U is easily one of the most exciting games coming soon and the first trailer for the game we saw at E3 got us all excited about the possibilities, prior to today we did not know much apart from an open world was in the game and that the game looked both fun and awesome. But thanks to the Game Awards we now know more about the game after receiving our first look at the gameplay, or should I say our first actual proper look at the game itself.

I have provided a rundown of the major points below, along with the first footage:

– Can use the GamePad to look around in first-person
– Map on the GamePad
– Can mark points on the map
– Sailcloth is in the game
– Epona is back
– Swing sword on Epona, shoot arrows
– Insects and animal life
– Can volt off the horse, jump and shoot and arrow
– This happens in slow motion so it’s easier to aim
– Aonuma says the game will be released next year

I have to admit this looks really cool and so beautiful, I can not wait for the release, I also hope we will receive even more details very soon.

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