Mario Maker has Mario Brothers 3 and Super Mario World styles

This years Game Awards were set to reveal a variety of new things including new games and new features for upcoming releases, one of the announcements brought to us was in trailer form providing us with new details on Mario Maker the upcoming Mario Game where we build our own levels which already is looking really fun. The trailer revealed at the Game Awards has given us new details on more styles we can use for our levels providing us with two new artstyles for our levels.

Previously we knew about styles for New Super Mario Bros and the classic Mario Brothers, however thanks to this trailer we now know we can also build our levels in the style of the Super Nintendo classic Super Mario World and the Nintendo Entertainment Systems Super Mario Brothers 3. It is nice they are offering us more styles and I look forward to seeing the finished product, the art styles look cool and you can see them in action in the trailer below:

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