The First Set Photo Of Pedro Pascal’s Joel Is Revealed

A photo from the set of The Last Of Us TV series has revealed Pedro Pascal as Joel for the first time. The image was posted by Kristin Raworth to The Last Of Us Updates’ Twitter account and shows Pascal walking onto set with a mask, and best of all, in an outfit almost identical to his video game counterpart. While the photo isn’t of the highest quality, there’s no mistaking how much The Mandalorian star resembles Joel Miller.

Previously, as part of Naughty Dog’s annually celebrated Outbreak Day at the end of September, the first official teaser image of Pedro Pascal and Bella Ramsey, (Ellie), was released. Admittedly, we were only given their backs, but the details from their clothing to Ellie’s backpack were extremely spot-on and had this writer making a small ‘squee’ noise in excitement.

According to photos and video clips posted via The Last Of Us Updates’ Twitter feed, filming appears to be underway at the Alberta Legislature Building in Edmonton, Alberta’s capital, with suggestions that the set is actually doubling for the Capitol Building during the early stages of the game. At the end of September, a report in The Guardian confirmed that Anna Torv had begun filming her scenes as Tess, and for those who’ve played the game will know, Tess plays a key role during the Capitol Building chapter.  

As previously reported, Craig Mazin spoke about the pressures of adapting The Last Of Us for television. He highlighted his concerns toward “anger and judgments” from the wider world. 

The Last of Us is based on the events from the first game, charting a treacherous journey across the USA as Joel smuggles an immune 14-year old Ellie to a military group, The Fireflies, in a bid to create a vaccine for the Cordyceps virus.

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