2015 is well underway now but the games just keep coming, after already seeing a good selection of games released at the start of 2015 for us to enjoy we can’t forget there is still a whole lot of games just over the way. 2015 is set to have countless games for us to sit down and enjoy but here are five I can’t wait to play.

Splatoon (Wii U)


This game was a no brainer for this list, since Splatoon’s announcement at E3 last year I have been wanting to get my hands on the game. Just from the announcement trailer you could tell this game was going to be a blast and I feel like it will be just that, namely because Nintendo is behind it. This is set to be the first new IP from the company in years and it has the potential to be a system seller, but this is clearly because Nintendo is jumping on the bandwagon for a popular genre while still remaining who they are. Splatoon will be bright, colourful and far too much fun to handle, not to mention absolutely hilarious with us running our enemies over with a paint roller and fighting for territory in an all-out paint war. I really can’t wait to take my squid person and paint the field, the only thing I need now is more information on the local multiplayer opportunities.

Legend of Zelda U (Wii U)


I love the Zelda franchise and just from the small bit of footage I have seen am already loving the upcoming Zelda U. My only issue at the moment is just how little we truly know about the game, sure we can suggest what we wish to see as I did in my what I want to see in Zelda U article but this doesn’t provide knowledge on what exactly will appear in the game. To be honest just from re-watching the announcement trailer I have come up with a few theories on what might appear, but these remain strictly theories until I can get my hands on the game. Though the main reason I wish to play this game is to explore that open wilderness, run with the horses and fight the good fight in a world that is already proving to be quite stunning. The world is full of potential and one I just need to explore and uncover its secrets, as well as just lose myself on another magical Zelda journey. Now Nintendo just give me a release window please.

Batman Arkham Knight (Playstation 4, Xbox One)

Batman Arkham Knight

I had very little hope for superhero games until I finally experienced the Batman Arkham games in 2013, yes I know that the first two had been out for a couple of years but I finally got the chance to play Arkham City on my Wii U and I loved it. Better still was the excellent prequel story in Arkham Origins that detailed more of the caped crusaders history. Arkham City may have closed a fair selection of story arcs from the franchise, but Arkham Knight still has a lot it could be good for especially with it being current generation only. It has already been suggested that the world will be bigger and this in part is because of the Batmobile which either is going to be one of the coolest additions or maybe the worst. If Arkham City and Arkham Origins were great, this really should be excellent, it looks better than previous games and has a chance to play more into the back catalogue of Batman villains and even show Gotham in all its shall we say darkness. This is looking to be the Batman adventure to play and glide off buildings and fight baddies in perfect Batman form.

Star Fox (Wii U)


Okay so we know next to nothing about Star Fox, but has that stopped us being excited for a game before, we know little about Zelda U but still we are excited, well Star Fox is a much different case as we know nothing except control schemes. This does not matter though, for many of us we are still intrigued with what we don’t know, just thriving on knowledge that the game is coming. This is exactly the point with Star Fox we are happy to just know a new game is coming, sure, Nintendo needs to hurry up and deliver a trailer but still we are excited just to know it is being made. As long as the game is as good as Star Fox 64 and shares some common ground I will be happy, not to mention Falco is awesome and how can you hate Slippy (and no I am not joking).

Mario Maker (Wii U)


I have always loved the Mario franchise ever since I played Super Mario 64 in 1999, then before long got introduced to the classic Super Mario World. I don’t know why but as the years have gone by I have found myself drawn more and more to Super Mario World, part of the reason why is the brilliant level design that was always fun to play in. Unfortunately many of the 2D Mario games released in more recent years have failed to deliver on the same level of great design, sometimes verging on dull rather than creative, this is not the case for the whole thing but much of it does feel really overdone. This is where Mario Maker is set to be fun, for years many of us have been wanting to make our own Mario levels and with this we can, I know for a fact I really want to. I know my designs are not going to be that good but it will still be fun to try, especially with the varying formats that will be available for me to play with. I can’t wait to see how creative the Wii U audience will be and play their creations as well as spend hours building my own and playing on them. There is so much potential for this game and I really want to play it I just hope it is as fun as it looks.

There are so many games coming out in 2015 but these are just some of the ones I wish to play. The Wii U and Playstation 4 are set to have a great year with a good variety of games coming that I want to get my hands on and many others do as well. I hope they turn out well, and be prepared for another five games in the coming weeks.

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