Xenoblade Chronicles X developers talk more about navigating the world

Previous trailers for Xenoblade Chronicles X have already shown just how big the world is, but clearly we don’t know the exact scale, the developers of the game have said the world is huge with plenty of diversity in what can be seen as well as creatures, not to mention environments.

In recent updates on the game by the developers over on Twitter they have discussed elements like the Hopper Camera and the Navigation Ball. We just still needed to know that we are not spending hours ourselves running around the huge world, which is what the developers have discussed this week, giving mention to an auto-run system as well as a skip travel feature. You can read what they had to say below:

It appears that the Hopper Camera and Navigation Ball have been well received. For straight movement, there’s an auto-run feature and of course, there’s also the skip travel. As a developer, however, I feel conflicted because I want you to travel leisurely and enjoy the various views and the enemy placement…This is a tricky point, isn’t it.

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