Florence: A Reminder That Storms Never Stay

Warning: this feature contains spoilers for Florence.

Being in your 20s is no easy task. All your life you’re guided in a certain direction, and then once you hit that 20-mark you’re suddenly faced with issues you hadn’t been exposed to before. Things such as trying to figure yourself out as well as the world around you. Who am I? Who do I want to be? What do I want to do with my life?

Florence is not about living vicariously through that struggle – I mean, why would you – but rather about the positives that can arise from the negatives; and vice versa simultaneously. It is an interactive story about what happens when love meets life, and just how much it can change the course of said life.

You follow the life of a 25-year-old woman going about her day-to-day life. It’s nothing out of the ordinary – in fact it is anything but. A repetitive life full of nothing but pointlessness: go to work, come home and go on your phone. Perhaps even watching some TV if you have the time. However, things take a sharp turn fast which ultimately changes her life. This starts with a bit of romance.

The standard.

Our protagonist meets her love interest at the worst time – getting hit by a car on her bike. As he helps her to get back on her feet, they get to talking, and soon end up in a passionate relationship. In this extreme circumstance, a positive always comes after a negative, which is a reminder that we all need, especially during these times in quarantine. Before this event, Florence life was boring and mundane. She had the same morning routine, the same route to work and scrolling on social media seeing the same people. Now, after her life got momentarily worse, she is thrust into a relationship with the man that she had been admiring from afar.

The relationship is passionate, intense and fast-paced. In a matter of months, they are inseparable to the point where they live together. This honeymoon phase seemed to be lasting forever, with them bringing out the best in one another constantly. She ignites him to pursue a music career, while he helps to rediscover art, a hobby that she hadn’t touched since she was a child. It seemed like all those mundane days and bad luck she once faced was long gone thanks to her partner coming into her life. That was until the good streak final decided to come crashing down.

It’s a match!

A long-lasting good luck streak is worth being cautious about, as cynical as that may sound. Good luck and bad luck work like yin and yang – they must be in balance. As such, the relationship starts to get rocky, with fights causing them to distance themselves from each other. That is, until they mutually decided to end the relationship. The pair are grey, drained and lacking emotion, a complete contrast to a few scenes ago where the world revolved around them.

With him packing his things and leaving, our protagonist is left heartbroken. Her life becomes boring again, and the creative side that was brought out in her relationship begins to subside with her newfound focus for her day job.

The surge in this relationship reminds us that life can go from cloud nine, to falling straight back down in seemingly an instant. While not always the case of course, it’s a good reality check to remember. Our protagonist’s relationship skyrocketed in an instance, and in her case the relationship just wasn’t meant to be – so it all came crashing down in a similar fashion. However, that doesn’t mean that no positives came come out of it.


Florence’s ex was a reminder of her repressed passion for art; a hobby that she no doubt thought was just a phase in her childhood prior. One day, she finds the paint set that he once gifted her, and it revolutionized her. She opened her own online art shop, and gradually became more and more successful – to the point where she opens her own exhibition.

This is the final instance of a positive coming out of a negative. It’s also a lesson to not old any grudges after losing someone in your life. After she had recovered from her breakup, she went back to living a mundane life. It was thanks to the memories that she had with her ex, as well as the paint set that he gave her, that she was able to escape the 9-to-5 and pursue what she was truly meant to do – art. Losing someone in your life doesn’t always have to be a bad thing, but instead something that she can look back on and mentally thank him for. While they were together, he helped her to rediscover art, and eventually she was able to take in into a direction that changed her life.

A room fit for an artist.

Florence is a sweet love story. While the relationship doesn’t have a happy ending, it instead leads to the ultimate one. Sometimes, something that once brought you short time happiness and perishes, can lead to long term happiness instead, and that’s the lesson that she can all take away from this game. Negatives don’t always have to stay as negatives.

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